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It's Time to Separate Managers From Entrepreneurs

Just abide by the sound theory that entrepreneurs create value, while managers cut costs.

How Entrepreneurs Should Think About Hiring In the Gig Economy

The gig economy is here to stay. Here's how entrepreneurs need to think about hiring in this new atmosphere.

How to Become an Entrepreneur Who Doesn't Think About Costs

It's natural to think of costs as necessary and to focus on covering them. But a better plan is to focus on value. (Costs are, ultimately, chosen.)

How to Think Like a Successful Entrepreneur

Successful entrepreneurs think about their business in value terms, and they recognize that they do not themselves determine the value of their offering -- the consumer of the final good does.

How to Maintain Profitability in a Changing Market

For lasting profitability, entrepreneurs should focus on contributing to consumer value. This applies to business-to-business too.

How to Grow Your Entrepreneurial Superpower

Recognize that your job is to facilitate value for the customer and on their terms.

Forget the Moat and Make Your Startup a Tropical Island

Building a business should be like creating a destination, not erecting a fortress.

Así es como los emprendedores pueden sobrevivir a una próxima recesión

Con las especulaciones sobre una posible devaluación, estar preparado es la mejor opción.