Pieter Scholtz

Pieter Scholtz

Master Licensee

Pieter Scholtz is the Master Licensee for ActionCOACH South Africa. ActionCOACH is the world’s largest executive and business coaching company with operations in 41 countries. It is also on the list of the top 100 franchises globally. As a highly successful Business and Executive coach, Pieter is a master of teaching business owners how to turn their businesses around and accelerate their growth. Email him at pieterscholtz@actioncoach.com or phone 082 8813729.


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9 Steps To Successfully Franchising Your Business

Franchising is an exciting way to expand your business, while maintaining control of your brand and products. Drive and achieve your financial goals through careful attention to these 9 points.

The Future of the Business Plan

When things get rocky, what will keep you on point and on mission? What can you refer to, ensuring you aren't straying from your original vision? The right business plan can go a long way.

Take Control of Your Fast-Growing Business

Growth is your primary goal as an entrepreneur, but it can also kill your business. Here are eight ways to stay ahead of the game.

How To Secure a Constant Flow of New Business Leads

Don't lose sight of the importance of your pipeline - you need to be closing deals while still feeding new leads into your business.

How to Work 10 Hours Less Each Week

We often equate working hard, long hours with being successful, when in fact, you're just heading for a burnout. Here's how to work less, while getting more done.

Close More Sales By Understanding Your Buyers

If you want to close more sales, you need to understand the three phases of the customer buying cycle.

4 Ways To Turn Normal Employees Into Super-Engaged Team Members

Engaged employees are motivated, innovative and willing to take on more responsibility.

Why A Winning Mindset Can Make Or Break Your Business

The successful growth of your organisation is largely dependent on your mindset as the owner of the business. Are you taking the time to develop this crucial element?

How To Stay Cash Positive

Cash flow management is always essential, but in a recessionary environment it's even more crucial to the overall health of an organisation. Here's how you can keep your business growing and out of the red.

Are You Using New Tech Or Letting It Disrupt You?

If you're not in the business of disrupting markets then you'll be affected by new technologies sooner rather than later - tomorrow, next week, next month, this year.

8 Ways To Grow Your Business In Uncertain Times

In turbulent times, you can either become fearful, or focus on building a sustainable business anyway. Some of the most robust businesses were launched during recessions and in times of uncertainty. True entrepreneurs know that there's no time like the present, and that for every challenge there is a solution.

6 Ways You Might Be Killing Your Business

Feeling burnt out? As easy as it is to sacrifice a work-life balance for the sake of your business, you're doing more harm than good - to your business as well as yourself. These are the six mistakes you might be making.

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