Pratik Gandhi

Pratik Gandhi

Co-Founder at Edulab

About Pratik Gandhi

Pratik Gandhi is the Founder of Edulab Educational Exchange Pvt. Ltd. He has been in the business of education for over a decade now. He began his journey, as a student, graduated to being a facilitator, and now has carved a niche for himself as a service creator. He comes forth as visionary in the field of student mobility in India, a person who vouched for the concept of ‘Study in India’ campaign even before its official inception. 

Pratik, Co-founded his first company Edutrotters Pvt. Ltd in 2006, while he was still a student at Mumbai University, studying international Finance and set-up base to mobilize over 12000 students from India in a short span of three years for various experiential learning initiatives. Post completion of his MBA in Entrepreneurship from Babson College (USA); he made a more focused comeback and laid the foundation for Edulab, and set up base in Mumbai. 

Pratik set up in 2016, which is a first of its kind interactive platform based in India that helps foreign students to apply/seek admission in Indian institutes. Amidst the scheme of things the aim of this portal is to build a unified system that seeks to standardize online application process across institutes, and above all mobilize international students towards India.