R. Paulo Delgado

R. Paulo Delgado

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
Ghostwriter, Freelance Writer for Hire, Book Coach

R. Paulo Delgado is a book coach and professional ghostwriter. Delgado's clients have included representatives of CNN and the World Trade Center. He has written over 35 books and works directly with literary agents to facilitate book deals for clients.


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Should You Work for Money or Love?

After assessing Covid-19's seismic effects - as well as his own in life in the wake of a marital breakup - a computer-programmer-turned-writer asks and answers the question, "Should I work for money or love?"

¿Debería trabajar por dinero o por amor?

Después de evaluar los efectos sísmicos de Covid-19, así como los suyos propios en la vida a raíz de una ruptura matrimonial, un programador de computadoras convertido en escritor pregunta y responde la pregunta: "¿Debería trabajar por dinero o amor?"

¿Qué hace a un buen entrenador de libros?

Si los entrenadores de libros hacen bien su trabajo, eventualmente ya no los necesitará.

What Makes a Good Book Coach?

If book coaches do their job well, you eventually won't need them anymore.

¿Cuándo se vuelve demasiado alto el costo del éxito?

El equilibrio entre el trabajo y la vida personal no es una ecuación simple. Es más como física nuclear.

When Does the Cost of Success Become Too High?

Work-life balance is not a simple equation. It's more like nuclear physics.

How to Get Your Business in the News (Without Bribing a Journalist)

Paying a journalist to write about your company is unethical. Here's a better approach.

This Is Why You Shouldn't Always Charge by the Hour

When you get good enough at what you do, hourly rates will start penalizing you.

Avoid This Common Mistake When Writing Your First Business Book

New authors are often full of ideas for their first book. That's not always a good thing.

Evite este error común al escribir su primer libro de negocios

Los nuevos autores suelen estar llenos de ideas para su primer libro. Eso no siempre es bueno.

4‌ ‌Lessons‌ ‌Nonfiction‌ ‌Writers‌ ‌Can‌ ‌Learn‌ ‌From‌ ‌Matthew‌ ‌McConaughey's‌ ‌Book‌ ‌'Greenlights'‌

An experienced writer himself, McConaughey produced a polished manuscript that all nonfiction writers can take a leaf out of to improve their own writing.

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