Rachel England


Reddit Appoints Michael Seibel to Ohanian's Vacated Board Seat

Seibel is well-known in the tech world for promoting diversity and inclusion.

Tim Cook dice que Apple tiene que hacer más para combatir el racismo

La declaración sobre #BlackLivesMatter del CEO domina la página de inicio de Apple.com.

Tim Cook Says Apple 'Must Do More' to Combat Racism

The CEO's BLM statement dominates the Apple.com homepage.

Volkswagen Will Only Sell Its ID Electric Cars Online

A new 'agency' model should make buying an EV more straightforward.

FBI Sees Cybercrime Reports Increase Fourfold During COVID-19 Outbreak

The FBI says hackers have a special interest in COVID-19 research.

Amazon Draws Criticism for Firing Employee Who Led Coronavirus Protest

Chris Smalls says staff at the Amazon fulfillment center are at risk.

Netflix contrata al estudio de producción de John Boyega para expandir su contenido africano

El acuerdo con el actor de 'Star Wars' ayuda a la entrada de Netflix en el mercado africano.

Netflix Signs John Boyega's Production Studio to Expand African Content

The deal with the 'Star Wars' actor helps Netflix's push into the African market.

Amazon's Checkout-Free Tech is Heading to Other Retailers

A number of partners have already signed up for the 'Just Walk Out' system.

AI-Formulated Medicine to Be Tested on Humans for the First Time

It took less than a year to develop the drug, which is designed to treat OCD.

Tinder está desarrollando un botón de pánico para citas peligrosas

Podría enviar servicios de emergencia directamente a tu ubicación.

Tinder is Working on a Panic Button for Dangerous Situations

It can send emergency services straight to your location

Uber está experimentando dejar que los conductores establezcan sus propias tarifas

Este sistema les permitiría aumentar sus tarifas hasta cinco veces el precio establecido por Uber

Uber Experiment Lets California Drivers Set Their Own Fares

The bidding system allows them to increase fares up to five times the price set by Uber