Rahkim Sabree

Rahkim Sabree

Financial Empowerment Coach

Rahkim Sabree is the author of "Financially Irresponsible" and is a certified financial-education instructor and financial coach passionate about all things personal finance.


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When It Comes to Investing, Do You Think Like Warren Buffett or Elon Musk?

Warren Buffett and Elon Musk are decorated businessmen and investors. Warren Buffett shares his strategy for investing, and Elon Musk executes on his while feeding into the social media hype. 

Financial Empowerment Means Asking for the Salary You Deserve. Many Don't Know How.

When companies establish financial-empowerment programs, employees and employers experience the benefits.

El empoderamiento financiero significa pedir el salario que se merece. Muchos no saben cómo.

Cuando las empresas establecen programas de empoderamiento financiero, los empleados y empleadores experimentan los beneficios.

4 lecciones financieras importantes que las mujeres pueden aprender del anuncio de divorcio de Bill y Melinda Gates

El divorcio es un acontecimiento importante en la vida, pero no tiene por qué ser devastador desde el punto de vista económico.

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These seven lessons draw parallels between casual game play and real world business strategies.

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It might hurt your ego a bit, but here are five reasons no entrepreneur truly did it all on their own.

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Here's why you shouldn't use fear, guilt or shame as a tactic when people tell you no -- and what you can do instead.

4 Lessons on Succession Planning for Entrepreneurs

In honor of National Life Insurance Month, a quick primer on what you should be doing now.

House Hacking for Extra Income? Here's How You Can Make Money and Preserve Your Sanity

Sharing your space can be profitable but burdensome. These five tips can get you through.

5 Ways To Avoid Burnout Working As A Hybrid-Entrepreneur

You can both work at a day job and start your own business by following these tips.

5 Excuses For Not Paying Yourself First -- And Why They're Wrong

This common piece of financial advice is easily followed when you stick to a budget.

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