Riaz Khadem and Linda Khadem

Riaz Khadem and Linda Khadem

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Total Alignment

Tools and Tactics for Streamlining Your Organization


The One System That Changes Employee Behavior

Find out the four steps you can put in place to create a productive, effective workforce.

How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Company's Vision

Once you have a vision statement in place, find out how to choose the right indicators that will determine if you're meeting those goals on a daily basis.

The 4 Roles of Accountability Within Your Company

To be sure everyone knows what they're responsible for, you need to assign one of these four roles to every employee in every project.

How to Effectively Measure Strategic Initiatives

Follow this expert advice for laying out a game plan for any project or initiative that will help you evaluate it before, during and after the project is complete.

3 Reports Every Manager Should Have

Making sure your employees are in alignment with your organization's goals will be easier if you track their progress with these 3 reports.

'The Alignment Factor': Consultation Is the Driving Force Behind Alignment

Before automatically taking action, consider consulting with someone who can give you another perspective.

'The Alignment Factor': Decision Making and the Culture of Alignment

How decisions are made will affect the motivation, collaboration and commitment of the members of the organization.

'The Alignment Factor': The 3 Dimensions of Alignment

You can ensure a clear understanding among all employees of your organization's mission, vision and values.

'The Alignment Factor': Manage the Present, But Focus on the Future

If the top levels don't channel their creativity into setting strategic projects in motion, who will?

'El factor de alineación': el mapa que te ayudará a mantener los objetivos

Este diagrama puede ayudarte a guiar tu negocio a nuevos niveles de éxito.

'El factor de alineación': enfoque para el éxito

Te decimos cómo allanar el camino hacia tus objetivos.

'The Alignment Factor': The Map That Will Help You Sustain Alignment

A new, ongoing series from the authors of 'Total Alignment' continues by breaking down a diagram that can help guide your business to new levels of success.

'The Alignment Factor': Focus for Success

A new, ongoing series from the authors of 'Total Alignment' continues with how to smooth the path to your goals.

Estas son las claves para la alineación interna

Una nueva serie de los autores de 'Total Alignment' debuta con una inmersión profunda en el trabajo de manera eficiente y colaborativa para cumplir el propósito de una empresa.