Saahil Goel

Saahil Goel


What Does 2021 Hold For the E-Commerce D2C Space In Tier-III Cities?

Poised to become the second-largest e-commerce market by reaching a value of $99 billion by 2024, India's e-commerce market is now actively penetrating tier-III cities

How the D2C Sector Will Benefit From Budget 2021

The Budget envisions not only a strong recovery in the new fiscal year but also continuous sustainable growth at 7-8 per cent

Top Supply Chain And Logistics Technology Trends In 2021

The role of technology in the logistics and supply chain industry has evolved drastically over the years and is pivotal to its growth

The Rise Of the D2C Market In 2020: What Can We Expect for 2021?

The COVID-19 pandemic may have invited tough times for quite a few verticals but only allowed this sector's accelerated growth by bringing a sudden shift in consumer behaviour and compelling brands to reconsider their business strategies to serve their customers better

5 Ways Poor Logistics Services Can Impact Online Business

Businesses must remember that it was in the traditional days when all the customers truly paid attention to was the product. However, today, your target audience is looking for more in the form of value-added services

A Guide For Small Sellers To Ace the Festive Season And Boost Business

Lack of sufficient knowledge and access to a wider target group can pose challenges, hampering the growth and progress of small businesses

Online Shopping: Evolving Consumer Behavior Amid the Pandemic

The pandemic has reshaped the way businesses function and for the country's e-commerce industry, the crisis has presented a plethora of opportunities to evolve and thrive.

Reinventing Last-Mile Deliveries: How the Pandemic Has Changed the Rules Of the Game

According to an Accenture analysis, by 2023, more than 50 per cent of all e-commerce purchases will be delivered from local inventory, highlighting the traction that hyperlocal last-mile deliveries have gained

Can Reverse Migration Spur Seller And Consumer Demand In Tier-II And III Markets?

India's e-retail market is projected to reach 300-350 million in terms of shoppers over the next five years propelling the GMV to $100-125 billion by 2025

The Key Role of the Logistics Sector in Reshaping the Economy in 2020

While adhering to safety norms, the logistics industry is also catering to customer demands, making it one of the most important industries during the COVID-19 crisis

The State of Logistics During Lockdown

The lockdown-led restrictions had an obvious impact on delivery and pick up of goods across all cities

Top 5 Challenges That Affected the Logistics Sector Amid Lockdown

The Indian logistics sector was valued at $160 billion as of 2019 and is expected to reach $250 billion by the end of the year

Tips for Entrepreneurs: How Logistics Platforms can ensure Business Continuity Amid Crises

Planning and devising strategies in advance will help your business sustain in the long run especially during a crisis

How Logistics Industry Evolved In 2019 And Expectations From 2020

The logistics industry has accomplished an almost impossible function by executing product delivery in a brief span of 30 minutes