Saikiran Chandha

Saikiran Chandha

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
Founder & CEO of Typeset

Saikiran Chandha is the CEO and founder of Typeset, the all-in-one solution to discover, create, collaborate and publish research. He was a Times of India 40 under 40 awardee and was recently featured on Fortune and NASDAQ.

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Libraries Then, Twitter Now — The Transformation of Scholarly Communication

How the internet, social media and digital platforms have propelled the scholarly communication landscape.

Bibliotecas entonces, Twitter ahora: la transformación de la comunicación académica

Cómo Internet, las redes sociales y las plataformas digitales han impulsado el panorama de la comunicación académica.

Why Success Makes No Sense Until You Embrace Your Failures

Embracing your failures doesn't mean promoting mediocrity: it is the key to achieving sustained success.

Por qué el éxito no tiene sentido hasta que aceptas tus fracasos

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The Future of Content Lies in Transparent and Digital Publishing

User-generated efforts will transform the future of content and marketing communications.

El futuro del contenido radica en la publicación transparente y digital

Los esfuerzos generados por los usuarios transformarán el futuro del contenido y las comunicaciones de marketing.

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