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How to Change Your Visa Status While Visiting the U.S. and Stay in the Country Legally

The article aims to educate travelers who leave to the U.S. on a visit visa and -- while in the U.S. -- change their intention and decide to stay longer than originally planned.

Starting a Company in the U.S. and Work Authorization Options

Tips for foreign nationals and companies to set up legal entities in the U.S. for expanding their operations.

Reauthorization of the EB-5 Program on September 30, 2021

The EB-5 program has continuously aided the U.S. economy -- its suspension will have an impact.

U.S. Immigration Through the International Entrepreneur Parole Program

The relaunched program aims to provide a new immigration solution for business owners looking to relocate to the United States.

The EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program Is Suspended. What Happens Now?

The article provides insights on the future of the EB-5 program post-suspension

Federal Court Judge Leaning Towards Changing $900,000 EB-5 Rule

The article aims to provide insight on the current case that could possibly change the EB-5 program

The Case That Could Change the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program

The lawsuit that could bring back the $500,000 capital investment for the EB-5 program.

Visa Estados Unidos: 5 caminos para conseguirla

Hay varios tipos de visas que podrĂ­an alinearse a tus metas u objetivos.

5 Pathways for U.S. Immigration

How each could align with an individual based on their goals and objectives.

New Opportunities for Middle Eastern and American Businesses

The reversal of the Muslim travel ban will only help the U.S. economy.