Shishir Jajoo


Can You Really Get Paid Completing Surveys?

The truth is there is no magic solution that makes you a lot of money without any work

How To Create a Rocket Ship For Personal Growth In Tech Services?

Cloud services visionary Stephen Garden shares his own organizational culture secrets hoping to guide entrepreneurs toward their full capabilities

Starting a Successful Startup: A Founder's Journey

Crypto Entrepreneur Rishabh Jain's journey in building Shiftal - a business for the misunderstood asset

Technology Startups Are Redefining Clean Energy

Here is a list of five simple yet profound technologies that help us convert one form of energy into another

Legacy, Lamborghinis and Law

Attorney and entrepreneur Mark Hull has invested in many a person along his road to success

What Makes Happiness the Greatest Accomplishment: Hear From the Best

Ask music and fashion entrepreneur Charles Kieu, a.k.a. Evaded, what his greatest accomplishment is, and he'll tell you straight: happiness!

Discover How Product Quality Can Distinguish Your Brand From Competitors

Experts at Brand Steel Supplements explain that product differentiation is one of the things that can help businesses stand out or be buried by their competitors

Should You Hire a Digital Marketing Company?

A digital marketing agency can help you market your business online to attract new customers, increase sales and boost your brand's reputation

Why It Is Crucial To Create Authentic Social Media Content

HighStrike has built a brand based on trust, consistency, and a deep appreciation from customers

This Startup Reinvents How Pet Portraits Can Make Your Pet Feel

The team uses the latest technology to convert your pet photo into an adorable pet portrait

A Serial Startup Founder Shares His Tips On Growth Hacking

Raikk Chan is an entrepreneur, businessman and serial startup founder who believes that any small business can be grown successfully by way of growth hacking

Why Patience And Perseverance Are Two Of the Greatest Virtues

According to Ripul Mahajan, patient people don't complain; they find ways to solve the problem

Web Platforms Represent the Safest Way To Pay In 2022

Web platforms are the safest way to pay, between pandemics spreading bacteria in cash handling at the point of sale and online wallets surging in popularity

Decentralized Blockchain Solutions to the Rising Oracle Challenges

Plugin's is a decentralized blockchain platform in which users may jointly monitor and control who has access to their blockchain. Read it on

Prio - An Ultimate Solution to Managing Contracts and Clients

With the right tools, the advantages of working from home might surpass the benefit of working in an office environment

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