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Employees Can Make or Break Your Cannabis Store, So Hire Wisely

Spending time and knowing what to look for goes a long way in the success of a cannabis dispensary.
cannabis industry

How the Pandemic Forced Positive Change for Cannabis Retailers

Marijuana shoppers adjusted their buying habits during the pandemic, and companies have adapted accordingly.
cannabis industry

Customer Loyalty Programs Offer Clear Benefits for Cannabis Stores

There are better ways to connect with and reward regular consumers.
cannabis industry

1-gram Cannabis Flower Sales Fell in 2020 amid Pandemic, but Don't Write off the Small Packet

During the pandemic, the preferences of marijuana consumers seem to be changing.
cannabis industry

How a Good Preordering System Can Reap Rewards

It requires rethinking customer service and paying extra attention to their needs.
cannabis industry

New Weed Vending Machines Are Convenient, But There Are Still Plenty Of Challenges

Cannabis vending machines have hit Colorado, but the dispensers aren't quite ready to become a staple in the industry just yet.

One Of The World's Largest Cannabis Companies Is Betting On Beverages

Canopy Growth Corp. is betting that the secret to finding new marijuana consumers comes in a can.