Sonam Gupta

Sonam Gupta

Co-founder and Creative Director for Zurie Design Studio.

Sonam is the co-founder and Creative Director for Zurie Design Studio. Zurie Jewellery breaks the cliche of wearing your gems on special occasion , exclusively . Zurie Co-founder , Sonam Gupta has a vision to create acceptance for wearing your designer jewellery in your day to day life .

Zurie is a luxury brand that is making fashion functional by amalgamating traditional way of selling with contemporary luxury .By procuring unique material and converting ordinary into exclusive.

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These #7 Tips will Help You Get your Office Wear Right

Experimenting with colors is not a bad idea at all. Improvise your office look by adding that tinge of color into your look by either wearing a colorful bracelet or a pendant which has some different hues in it.

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