Stever Robbins

Stever Robbins is a venture coach, helping entrepreneurs and early-stage companies develop the attitudes, skills and capabilities needed to succeed. He brings to bear skills as an entrepreneur, teacher and technologist in helping others create successful ventures.


How to Set Salaries

Determining what to pay your employees doesn't have to feel like a calculus test. Follow these tips for setting fair and equitable rates that won't break the bank.

Build Your Management Team

If the time has come to admit you can't do it all, this guide can help you figure out just who you need on your executive team, where to find them and how to hire them.

Five Exit Strategies

Ever think ahead to the day when you'll no longer run your biz? These strategies will help you prepare for your future.

Fire Up Their Passion

Break their cycle of cynicism and turn those apathetic frowns upside down. Use this plan to reinvigorate your staff.

Exit Strategies for Your Business

If you're thinking ahead to the day when you'll no longer run your business, think about these five exit strategies now so you'll be prepared for your future.

Strategy First

Think through these four components of your biz strategy and you'll be more ready for the rough spots.

Tips for Mastering E-Mail Overload

If your e-mail inbox is threatening to take over your entire workday, this ultimate how-to will teach you to deal effectively with the information onslaught.

How to Get Your Employees Excited Again

Every business can have a management slump. But what do you do with apathetic employees who are having trouble recovering from broken promises and never-realized visions? Try this plan.

When a Business Plan Fails

Not sure why your plan isn't getting you anywhere? Check out what you should and shouldn't do.

Projecting Income

Prove your worth to investors by showing them how you'll bring in the money.

Updating Your Business Plan

There are many reasons why you should revisit your business plan.

Business Plan Risks

How to present your business risks without scaring away investors

Do Your Research

Don't forget to include market information in your business plan.

Preparing for a Business Plan Presentation

Win over investors by knowing your business plan inside out.

Determining Your Competition

Sometimes it's not obvious who your competition is. Here's how to find out and present it in your business plan.

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