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The How To: Rethinking Employee Performance Management For Better ROI

Entrepreneurs should move away from a traditional EPM model to employee performance development (EPD).

Driving Innovation: Identifying Your Employees' Entrepreneurial Spirit

The entrepreneurial spirit need not be confined to the CEO's office. In reality, some of your employees may already be displaying the entrepreneurial behavior necessary for running a company and being a leader.

The Real ROI Of Being Customer-Centric

In the rush to expand, companies should not loose its way and become the reverse of a customer-centric business.

How Insurtech Startups Are Reshaping The Insurance Industry in 2017

Just as technology has impacted finance, it now looks set to have similar influence on the insurance market. Welcome to insurtech.

Combating Cyber Crime: Your Company Needs To Be Resilient

Cybercrime is big business, organized business, and can compromise or bring down any company in any country. Yet, in addition to the front-line defences, there is in fact much companies can do to insure against such risks.

Good Employee Health Benefits Can Help Your UAE Company Attract (And Retain) Talent

The days of lavish expat packages appear to be gone and the workforce is now looking around for better opportunities. That means it's time for employers to get creative with their benefits.

Four Tips To Control Your Company's Health Insurance Premiums

By understanding the factors that influence price increases, you can gain some control over the premiums you pay in the future.