Taylor McLamb


Can You Track Cannabis With Molecular Barcodes?

Something to think about with the emerging global industry.

How Hemp Clothing Could Help Save the World

It's time to air out the fashion industry's dirty laundry.

What Cannabis-Buying Apps Mean for Consumers and Retailers

And how will this affect smaller, less tech-savvy independent shops?

Cannabis Tournaments Add More Green to the Golf Course

Two of America's favorite pastimes rolled (and smoked) into one.

Ricardo Willis Becomes First African-American CEO of a Cannabis Vape Company

The story of the new leader of Hanu Labs proves it's never too late to follow your passion - and make history in the process. 

Big Voices Speak Up for Cannabis and Against Criminilzation

Notes from the recent Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference & Expo

6 Cannabis Social Media Influencers You Have to Follow

If you're a fan of the bud, these should be your newest social media buddies.

Mail Ban: How This Crisis Will Effect the Cannabis Vaping Industry

Innovative technology and design are constantly evolving to create a safer, more efficient vape option.

Budding Artists Are Flourishing on New Online Cannabis-themed Marketplace

The Artsy Leaf is a new creative site featuring creators and consumers within the cannabis industry.

Simply Pure CEO Wanda James Wants Women to Brag More

James, the first African American woman to own a dispensary in Colorado, shares her thoughts on women being more bold in the cannabis industry.

A Military Veteran Was Fired For Medical Marijuana Use, And People Are Upset

The incident proves that there's still a negative stigma attached to marijuana use.

New Research Shows Cannabis-Users Require More Anesthesia During A Surgery

Given the research results, it's always smart to tell your anesthesiologist about your cannabis intake prior to having surgery.

The Cannabis Industry Is Putting Up A Fight Against COVID-19. Here's How

New tech and innovations in the cannabis industry are helping leaders fight COVID.

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