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Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business

Ted Prodromou guides readers through crafting the perfect profile that gets them hired, gives them the tools they need to market themselves, and shares case studies on how to sell their business and their products-all on LinkedIn.


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Building Your Brand on Twitter

Twitter's reach is extensive, and word can travel fast. Here are six smart tips for spreading the good word about your business on Twitter.

12 formas de ganar dinero con LinkedIn

No basta con llenar tu perfil. Para resaltar tienes que entender la forma en la que LinkedIn funciona, y a quién favorece. Ted Prodromou, autor del libro Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business, te explica cómo hacerlo.

12 Ways to Make More Money Through LinkedIn

It's not enough to just complete your profile. To really stand out, you must understand how LinkedIn works -- and whom it rewards. Ted Prodromou, author of the book Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business, explains how.

Finding Your Ideal Job Candidates in Minutes

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