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More Companies Are Bioengineering Marijuana. Is That a Good Thing?

The introduction of bioengineering modifications helps scale an already burgeoning industry.

Does Using Cannabis for Sleep Cause Crazy Dreams?

When you spend more time in a state of deep sleep after taking THC, you may not wake up with as much clarity about your dreams, but you will have a more refreshing sleep experience.
cannabis industry

What You Need to Know About Delta-10 THC

The compound is all the rage, but what is it exactly?
Medical Marijuana

Millions of People Report Using Cannabis for Arthritis

One of the biggest medical reviews to study cannabis and pain indicated that there is "substantial evidence that cannabis is an effective treatment for chronic pain in adults."
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Why Are There So Few Female Cannabis Leaders In The Industry?

Cannabis companies can avoid the pitfall of creating toxic "bro culture" by taking diversity seriously. That includes women.