Tanya Dalton

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Tanya Dalton is a nationally recognized productivity expert, best-selling author and speaker who serves as a growth strategist for female leaders in the corporate and entrepreneurial sectors. She is also the founder and CEO of inkWELL Press Productivity Co.


You're Not "Multi-Passionate," You Just Have a Procrastination Problem

Saying you're multi-passionate is really just a procrastination excuse -- an excuse that keeps you from fully committing and moving forward.

No eres "multipasionado", solo tienes un problema de procrastinación

Decir que eres un apasionado de las cosas no es más que una excusa para postergar las cosas, una excusa que te impide comprometerte por completo y seguir adelante.

Here's the Secret to Growing Your Business During the Slow Summer Months

Choosing to purposely do nothing at all with your time is actually one of the best strategies you can take to grow your business...that's right, imagine that: nothing.

Aquí está el secreto para hacer crecer su negocio durante los lentos meses de verano

Elegir deliberadamente no hacer nada en absoluto con su tiempo es en realidad una de las mejores estrategias que puede tomar para hacer crecer su negocio ... así es, imagínese eso: nada.

4 Key Takeaways to Consider Before Adding Your Husband To Your Payroll

Of the hundreds of women I've mentored over the years, I find one of the questions I'm continually asked is: "How do you work with your husband without wanting to kill one another?!"

4 conclusiones clave a considerar antes de agregar a su esposo a su nómina

De los cientos de mujeres a las que he sido mentora a lo largo de los años, encuentro que una de las preguntas que me hacen continuamente es: "¿Cómo trabajas con tu marido sin querer matarte unas a otras?"

Forget the 80/20 Rule: How to Design Your Own Ratio for Success

When used correctly, Pareto's Principle gives us a clearer picture of where we need to focus our time and energy. Unfortunately, though, there are quite a few misconceptions floating around about this principle.

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