Victor G. Snyder

Victor G. Snyder

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
Consulting Business Coach

A Florida native, Victor G. Snyder has served as a consulting business coach since 2003. He founded BossMakers in 2014, empowering entrepreneurs to filter out the noise, achieve flow and tackle the challenges that will get them where they want to be – ultimately, to own success.

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The Great Resignation is Not Over. Employers Should Make Employee Experience a Top Priority Right Now, And Here Are 5 Ways To Do It.

As positive employee experience further demonstrates greater business success, perhaps the most pertinent question business leaders should be asking right now is: How can they ensure an exceptional employee experience for positive growth?

4 Reasons Decentralized Business Management Is Booming

A quiet revolution is taking place in the workplace right now. Here's why centralized, hierarchal corporate structures are out.

4 razones por las que la gestión empresarial descentralizada está en auge

En este momento se está produciendo una revolución silenciosa en el lugar de trabajo. He aquí por qué las estructuras corporativas centralizadas y jerárquicas están descartadas.

4 Ways to Make the Most of A/B Testing Right Away

Gain valuable insights into your audience's preferences while also optimizing your buyer's journey.

4 formas de aprovechar al máximo las pruebas A / B de inmediato

Obtenga información valiosa sobre las preferencias de su audiencia y, al mismo tiempo, optimice el recorrido de su comprador.

How Can You Maintain Company Culture When Everyone Is Working from Home?

Even when there's no physical water cooler to gather around, leaders need to ensure that organizational culture survives.

¿Cómo se puede mantener la cultura empresarial cuando todos trabajan desde casa?

Incluso cuando no hay un enfriador de agua físico para reunirse, los líderes deben asegurarse de que la cultura organizacional sobreviva.

6 Sneaky Ways Your Competitors Are Keeping Ahead of You

Competition among entrepreneurs is fierce. Be prepared for it.

The Surprising Reality Is Freelancers Are Happy and Prospering

The gig economy proves that independent contract work is much more than something to do between jobs. It can be a full-time career.

Executives of Yesteryear Would Have Scoffed At These 4 Critical Leadership Skills

Today's successful business leader is an emotionally intelligent, collaborative visionary.

What's Under the Tree For Your Preteen This Christmas? If It's Technology, Exercise Caution.

Your plan to introduce new technology to your children may not be setting them up for success, even if they're over (the generally accepted age of) 13.

The Secret to Successful Content-Marketing In 2018 Is Having a Strategy, So Get One.

Content-marketing is the most powerful engine driving sales, but few businesses have a plan.

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