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"Everything Costs More on the Inside:" Meet the Women Fighting for Pot Prisoners

"Eventually, we would like to send every prisoner $500 a month and give them a few grand when they get released, so they have a cushion while they look for work. No one should ever go to jail for weed. It's a no-brainer." 

Power Players: Deepak Anand On The European Cannabis Market

"It's quite mainstream and quite easy to access, particularly when I compare this to Canada or the U.S., where we still don't have retail pharmacies that dispense the product," says Deepak Anand. "Germany is ahead of the rest of the world."

Trump Claim On Cannabis Ballot Initiatives 'Lacks Evidence'

"There is no clear indication" that a cannabis reform ballot initiative helps one party or the other, said Matthew Schweich, deputy director with Marijuana Policy Project.

'Kamala Harris Is There': Biden Veep Pick Inspires Cautious Optimism from Cannabiz

Vincent Sliwoski, a managing partner at law firm Harris Bricken, says Harris is more progressive on cannabis reform-now, at least-than Biden ever was.

Power Players: Dutchie CEO Ross Lipson on the Future of Online Ordering

"We grew over 700 percent in order volume through the pandemic, and had a huge adoption of retailers showing interest and wanting to sign onto our platform," Dutchie CEO Ross Lipson says.

An 'Inconvenient Truth' About Indoor Growing

"You can't kind of engineer your way out of this," Evan Mills said. "There's an alternative, which is growing it outside."

Critics of 'Big Weed' Fret Over Retail Cannabis Slotting Fees

Cannabis retailers are charging between $1,000 and about $50,000 for prime shelf real estate, according to various reports. This development has boutique brands worried.

Weed's Big Tech Wish List

Amid the pandemic, one expert said the industry needs a robust online presence. At the moment, fewer people see cannabis billboards and companies can't set up booths at conferences and events.

How Did Oklahoma Become The Country's Hottest Cannabis Market?

"It would blow your mind, how many dispensaries there are just in this town. Every other building is a dispensary," says Daniel Lewis, CEO of the Cowboy Cup. "How those guys are all making money, I don't know."

Cannabis Legalization Brings 'Radical Transformation' - Q&A With Steven Hawkins

Marijuana Policy Project's Steven Hawkins, who has held senior roles at Amnesty International and the NAACP, emphasizes legalization as a "civil rights issue."

Brick & Order - The Pandemic Transforms Cannabis Shops Into E-Commerce Hubs

One cannabis storefront's executives reported that, at $100,000 a day, sales were only half of what they had been before the lockdown.

Cannabis Lawyer Bob Hoban: Fortune 500 Companies Fear Missing Out On Weed Boom

A prominent attorney discusses how major corporations view the marijuana industry.

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