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Richard Branson: Just Say Yes to Smoking Pot With Your Kids


Richard Branson got a little high and mighty sharing some unconventional parenting advice yesterday. The eccentric British billionaire advised parents to smoke pot with their kids. Seriously.

Helga Esteb | Shutterstock
Richard Branson

“If they’re going to have a joint, do it with them,” he said, reports the Chicago Tribune. “Don’t let them sneak off and do it on their own.”

Yeah, get in there and show ‘em how it’s done, like a good mommy or daddy. Just don’t tell the snoops at the Department of Children and Family Services, ‘k?  

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The outspoken 66-year-old Virgin Group founder doled out the surprising advice at a high-profile paid networking event for entrepreneurs at Chicago’s McCormick Place. Sure, Branson is a known and very vocal proponent of medical marijuana, but his puff-with-your-kids commentary marks a whole new level of chill on the controversial topic of cannabis use in general.


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In case you missed one of the probably thousands of times he’s repeated it, one of Branson’s favorite trademark business mantras is “Screw it, just do it.” The father of two apparently liberally applies it to his personal life, too. After all, he freely admits to smoking joints with his son Sam, and not just any joints, mind you -- expertly-rolled joints. That’s because rock god Keith Richards schooled Papa Branson on how to roll the best blunts. He claims the Rolling Stones guitarist was the “first person to teach me to roll a joint.”

Branson, who recently penned a book advocating for the decriminalization of illicit drugs, has never been shy about the blast he has puff, puff passing with his boy. “We had some nights where we laughed our heads off for eight hours,” he reflected on the special high times they’ve shared. He also isn’t shy about the fact that he’s dabbled in other drugs, including ecstasy and cocaine.

Crack doesn't appear to be on the list. Perhaps Elon Musk can fix that. (Relax, people. We’re joking.)