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3 Strategies to Get Media Coverage for Your Next Cannabis Event

Positive free media coverage is golden, but how do you get the press to show up?

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You and your team have poured hours into your dispensary's grand opening. How do you guarantee positive media exposure to help amplify brand awareness and drive foot traffic into your store? 

For cannabis dispensary owners, leaders, and operators, here are some tried-and-true steps you can take to earn media coverage of your next big event.


1. Identify why this announcement is important

Before you contact any media outlets, ask yourself, "Why does this matter?" What might seem like a personal milestone for an entrepreneur will not always be a newsworthy story for the local media or community. When identifying whether a particular announcement is important, consider the following:

  • Does this impact the local town, city, and community? If so, to what degree?
  • Is this a first for the area, and would you and your business be considered an early adopter?
  • Will this event bring positive awareness to something important to its community?
  • Who's participating? Any public figures or well-known, respected individuals?


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2. Determine who would be interested in covering this news

It's not enough to know which news outlets you'd like to contact. You need to get the word out to the right people at the right outlets. Reaching out about a grand opening of a cannabis dispensary to someone who covers sports will likely not bring much traction. But reaching out to a reporter who covers topics such as business, health, and wellness will probably get you better results.

If you're considering reaching out to a particular outlet about something cannabis-related, here's a pro tip:

  • Type into Google the name of the outlet you're trying to contact, followed by the word "cannabis."

This search will often pull up cannabis coverage from the outlet, and you should be able to see which writer has covered cannabis in the past. 

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3. Send out a press release and a media advisory

Editors, reporters, and journalists prefer to receive news tips in the form of a press release. If you're interested in inviting media to come down, attend the invite, and cover it in person, including a link to a media advisory is best. Warning: Attaching files to an email will often send it to the spam folder; it's best to include links to press releases and media advisories rather than attaching them as separate files.