Cannabis and HPV: Friend or Foe?

With ever-climbing HPV-positive cancer rates, research on the effect CBD and THC has on the human papillomavirus can't come soon enough.

Kate-Madonna Hindes

· 4 min read

A Look into the Life of Tim Leary Through the Eyes of His Psychedelic Lover

'My Psychedelic Love Story', streaming now on Showtime, looks at one's relationship with LSD.

Darius James

· 5 min read

Young Adults Who Vape Are More Likely to Have This Infection

Now that COVID-19 is in the picture, people with compromised lungs or an underlying health condition should be extra careful when vaping.

Maria Loreto

· 2 min read

COVID-19 Anxiety Drives Cannabis Use Across America

With uncertainty surrounding when life will get back to normal, many Americans are turning to weed to calm their pandemic nerves.

Aaron Smith

· 6 min read

Lack of Standards, Dubious Business Practices Threaten to Upend Cannabis Testing Industry

A major lack of industry standards could be leading to distrust between marijuana brands and consumers.

Bart Schaneman

· 7 min read

Rachael Rapinoe Talks About the Science Behind Her CBD Company

The former soccer player, and sister of Women's World Cup star Megan, is flexing her muscle in the CBD industry.

Alex Moersen

· 15 min read

Can Cannabis Help Control Fibromyalgia Pain?

The condition impacts about four million people in the U.S. alone. Cannabis may offer relief.

· 3 min read

How Will CBD Impact Your Work Performance?

A small amount of CBD or other cannabinoid formulations is probably not going to result in a significant change.

Dr. Mary Clifton

· 6 min read

Some Cannabis Growers Are Still Counting Cost of Wildfires, but Most Say the Industry Dodged a Bullet

The 2020 blazes are a reminder that operators need to be prepared for such natural disasters.

John Schroyer

· 7 min read

Oakland's Psychedelic Decriminalization Approved Unanimously by City Council

The measure urges Oakland's leadership to work to decriminalize, rather than legalize, entheogenic plants and fungi.

Ali McGhee

· 14 min read

3 Simple Ways Cultivators Can Shrink Their Carbon Footprint

How to grow crops that require less energy and fertilizer.

Ryan Douglas

· 5 min read

Optimize Your Online Cannabis Business

Some advice on upping your marijuana marketing strategies in an ever-growing industry.

James Mash

· 6 min read