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How Are States Allocating Cannabis Tax Revenue? Well, It's Kind Of Complicated

With no consistency nationally, tax bills vary from state to state.

Andrew Ward

· 3 min read

If Reducing Harm To Society Is The Goal, A Cost-Benefit Analysis Shows Cannabis Prohibition Has Failed

Evidence from five wasted decades of the war on cannabis shows prohibition isn't the way to go.

Alexander Gillespie

· 5 min read

Cannabis Is On The Ballot This November. What Can We Expect?

Listen to Carly Wolf of NORML talk about the races to watch and which states might go legal.

Green Entrepreneur Staff

· 1 min read

Nebraskans Have Already Filed to Legalize Weed in 2022

After a 2020 initiative was stricken from the ballot, two state senators make sure it doesn't happen again.

· 3 min read

5 Meaningful Reasons To Buy Legacy and Social Equity Weed Brands

By putting money in the hands of the people who got us here, the whole industry prospers.

Andrew DeAngelo

· 4 min read

Heat-Not-Burn Technology May Be The Next Big Thing In Cannabis

The technology, invented by cigarette companies, is believed to produce a healthier and cleaner experience.

Mike Simpson

· 4 min read

Can AI Solve Dispensaries' Biggest Challenges?

The entrepreneurs behind touCanna are betting on it.

Mike Mejer

· 5 min read

New Research Shows Cannabis-Users Require More Anesthesia During A Surgery

Given the research results, it's always smart to tell your anesthesiologist about your cannabis intake prior to having surgery.

Taylor McLamb

· 4 min read

A Surprisingly Large Amount Of DC Voters Support Plant Medicine Decriminalization

A poll by the Campaign to Decriminalize Nature DC show 60 percent of DC voters support Initiative 81, the "Entheogenic Plant and Fungus Policy Act of 2020," which aims to decriminalize plant and fungi medicines.

Lucid News

· 3 min read

Meet North Carolina's First Female Hemp Farmer In 75 Years

Franny Tacy believes women will play a major role in the future of hemp.

Mike Mejer

· 6 min read

Should You Ever Mix Both CBD And Nicotine Together? We've Got Answers

We take a look at the science behind both CBD and nicotine, and how each impacts your body.

Johnny Baldwin

· 9 min read

Luxury vs. Value: What Type Of Weed Do Your Consumers Want Most?

As cannabis sales spike due to the coronavirus pandemic, consumers appear to be seeking value over luxury, forcing some high-end producers to look at different marketing tactics

Adriana Hemans and Spike Smith

· 6 min read