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Science Continues to Confirm Cannabis Can Kick Cancer's Butt

While not sufficient treatment in itself, research continues to find cannabis is an excellent tool in the war against cancer.

Karhlyle Fletcher

· 2 min read

Why I Started a Psychedelic Law Firm

As the psychedelic industry continues to show progress, there is a growing need for lawyers who can guide companies and organizations.

Hadas Alterman

· 7 min read

How Weed Helps Make Sex Better

What cannabis can do to help enhance intimacy and connect with your partner.

Heather Jackson

· 5 min read

3 Steps Cannabis Retailers Can Take to Stop Spam Telemarketing

When marketing to your consumers, avoid the gray area (and legal trouble) by following these rules.

· 5 min read

Here's How to Help Advance Cannabis Reform in Your State

With much to fight for, marijuana advocates give advice on ways you can help the cause.

Andrew Ward

· 5 min read

CBD and the Rise of the Wellness Café

With CBD more popular than ever, businesses are finding new ways for consumers to enjoy it.

Steven Lachard

· 3 min read

The Industry's Response to Tought Times? Keep Costs Down

As we consume more cannabis, several growing brands have introduced 'value' strains and products at lower prices.

Rotem Gal

· 5 min read

Madison to Wisconsin: We're Doing Cannabis Laws Our Way

City officials recently forged ahead without state permission, passing an ordinance that decriminalizes possession and use of up to 28 grams of marijuana

· 3 min read

Why Training Therapists to Integrate Psychedelics Is Critical

Alternative medicine is on the rise, and it's time for traditional therapists to understand its effectiveness treating patients.

Beverly Stills

· 6 min read

Education and Cannabis: The Great Unifiers

How can everybody become more educated about the risks and rewards of weed as it gains legalized momentum?

Veronica Irwin

· 6 min read

John Schroyer

· 7 min read

Why CBD and Turmeric May Help with Inflammation

The combination has been used for centuries. Now brands are combining them in various forms for consumption.

Pam Chmiel

· 3 min read