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Sacha Baron Cohen Suing Cannabis Dispensary For Using His Borat Image

The actor seeks $9 million in damages - not so "very nice!"

Maureen Meehan

The St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Opening New York's First Legal Adult-use Cannabis Shop

Way ahead of non-tribal retailers who won't open until 2022 or even 2023.

Maureen Meehan

J. Phillip

Looking to Invest in Cannabis? You May Be Focusing on the Wrong Companies

Newer investors in the cannabis space can experience outsized returns by setting their sights on the potential of single-state operators and ancillary services.

Patrick Rea

J. Phillip

Will Cannabis Be More Prominent Than Liquor In a Post-COVID World?

When anxiety levels skyrocket, people gravitate to weed.

Chiara C

3 Women Who Are Trailblazing Social Equity Programs

What does it take to run a successful social equity program? Here are some great examples.

Pam Chmiel

'Highest in the Room' Rapper Travis Scott Launches His Own Cannabis Line

Cactus Farms features "a dense, purple bud" that's funky and pungent.

Nina Zdinjak

2 Marijuana Stocks You Need To Know About This Month

2 Marijuana Stocks Investors Should Be Paying Attention To

J. Phillip