Episode 28: Aphria CEO Irwin D. Simon On Running A Huge Public Cannabis Company
Episode 27: Meet the Cannabis Courtesan
Episode 26: Ricky Williams on the Green Rush
Episode 25: Behind the Vaping Illness Epidemic
Episode 24: Mexico's Former President Vicente Fox Wants to Legalize Pot Everywhere
Episode 23: NBA Legend Paul Pierce Scores with His CBD Line
Episode 22: The Woman Behind the First Cannabis Compliance Tech Company Traded On Nasdaq
Episode 21: Business Lessons from a Former Chipotle Exec
Episode 20: A Pot Shop Caters to the Canna-Curious
Episode 19: What's Next For Bruce Linton?
Episode 18: Meet The Weed Nuns
Episode 17: Headset CEO Cy Scott on What Millennials Want
Episode 16: How a Conjoined Twin Found Success in Cannabis
Episode 15: Chelsea Handler Discovers Cannabis
Episode 14: Treyous Jarrells: Why A Top NFL Prospect Quit Football For Cannabis
Episode 13: Anheuser Kush: A Descendent of the Beer Dynasty Creates a New Bud
Episode 12: Exciting New Opportunities in Cannabis
Episode 11: The Politics of Pot
Episode 10: Is Microdosing the Future of Cannabis?
Episode 9: Kevin Murphy Has Some Smart Advice For You
Episode 8: Biggie Smalls' Son Gets into the Weed Game
Episode 7: Cannabis Investing for Non-Millionaries
Episode 6: One Company's Quest to be the 23andMe of Cannabis
Episode 5: The Truth About CBD and Hemp (Live Panel)
Episode 4: Steve DeAngelo: The Father of the Cannabis Industry
Episode 3: Simple Marketing Hacks from PR Specialist Rosie Mattio
Episode 2: MedMen CEO Adam Bierman on Building the Apple Store of Weed
Episode 1: Al Harrington Wants to Put The CBD in the NBA

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Green Entrepreneur

How have entrepreneurs left their old careers behind and found success in cannabis, and how can you do the same? Green Entrepreneur with Jonathan Small answers that question each week, with inspiring stories of business owners who have taken the cannabis challenge and are now navigating the exciting but unpredictable Green Rush.
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Branding Bud

PRØHBTD and Advertising Week present Branding Bud, a new documentary series on the marketing of cannabis in the United States
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Hear the dynamic voices behind our featured podcasts. Our hosts interview experts in the field, founders who solved real problems in their businesses, sports icons that translated their success on the field into serial business achievements, and influencers that help us understand what makes excellence possible.