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May 1997

May 1997

Entrepreneur | May 1997
May 1997
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Search For Tommorow

Experts predict the future of small business.

Star Quality

Starring in your own commercials could be the road to fame . . . and fortune.

Space Craft

Want to make the most of a small-space ad? Use it to lure readers to your Web site.

Brilliant Deductions

Proposed changes to IRA plans offer a better deal for even the smallest businesses.

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Good Answers

Expert advice for your small-business questions.

Primary Colors

Are you boring your customers with black and white? Wake 'em up with a color laser printer.

Comeback Kid

Apple targets entrepreneurs with new computers designed especially for small business.

Make Contact

New and improved, these sales management programs help you close the deal.

Talking Back

What's hot on the World Wide Web.

Born Again

The latest in modern technology.

Where Are They Now?

An update on entrepreneurs featured in past issues.

Consumer Report

If you think you know your target market, think again.

Second Time Around

Build strong relationships and long-term sales by winning repeat business.

Words From The Wise

Entrepreneurial legends share timeless advice to take you into the next century.

Golden Rules

Top management strategies of the past 20 years and what still works.

Wired For Success

Entrepreneurs reap the rewards of the technology revolution.

Business Owners Score

Your Source for Small-Business News, Reviews, Trends and Troubleshooting.

Small-Business Software

Streamline your business tasks by using these bestselling programs.

Healthy, Wealthy And Wise

10 great ideas for starting a health, beauty or fitness business.

Hot To Buy/Hot To Sell

New products for small and homebased businesses.

Status Quotient

How to determine whether to classify workers as employees or independent contractors.

A Lasting Impression

Incorporate innovative elements of design to create a dynamic and effective Web site.

The Choice Is Yours

Should you buy a franchise, a business opportunity, or go it alone? Don't leave this important decision to chance.

Become A Business Diplomat

Use these 8 tactful strategies to diffuse difficult people or situations.

Growing Pains

7 Ways to successfully prepare your business for its stages of growth.

Step 12: Live And Learn

Make smart business decisions by learning from your hands-on experience.

On The Grow

Fund that finances emerging ventures could mean high rewards.

Heart & Sold

Want consumers to open their wallets? Start by getting them to open their hearts.

Breaking The Mold

Savvier than ever, today's franchisees are blazing new trails.

Double Vision

What to do when franchisees and franchisors don't see eye to eye.

Pump Up The Value

Strageties for turning your good idea into a hot seller.

Post Haste

Selecting the right carrier for your business's express mail needs.

Center Stage

Congressional hearings and more.

In Case Of Fire

News for entrepreneurs on the go.

Trading Posts

Trade show tips and more.

Piping Up

Be the first to know.

The Body Electric

Shedding light on utility deregulation.

Like Father, Like Son?

Entrepreneurial history repeats itself.

Closed-Door Policy

The Supreme Court's refusal to hear a set-aside case deals a blow to affirmative action.

A New Twist

Franchise and business opportunities at a glance.

Spin Doctors

Consider taking this compact disc company's stock for a spin.

Cruise Control

If you're looking for gains plus protection, consider the flexibility of convertible bonds.

Free For All

Keep 'em coming back by offering something for nothing.

Scam Alert

Money-management strageties.

Ace In The Hole

A new online network could unleash a tidal wave of private capital for entrepreneurs.

It's All Relative

Turning to family or shareholders for a business loan? Watch out there could be taxes to pay.

Check Points

Tips and trends for growing your business.

On The Spot

A new twist on just-in-time management pays off for entrepreneurs and their customers.

Who's Counting?

How you count your employees could save you from a lawsuit.

X Appeal

Secrets to managing Generation X.

Putting Two Leaders in Place

Can a company succeed with two captains? For many family businesses, the answer is yes.

Shake It Up

Savvy ideas to boost sales.

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