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April 1998

April 1998

Entrepreneur | April 1998
April 1998
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Better Off Dead?

Eight ways to spot a product line that's doomed.

Roll With It

State-of-the-art tech tools.

Junk It

You're not the only one who hates spam.

Sight For Sore Eyes

Could adjusting your monitor reduce eye strain?

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Turning Point

The case against British au pair Louise Woodward raised concerns about our nation's child-care services. Can small business calm the storm?

Chain Reaction

Do you have what it takes to run a string of stores overseas...in Siberia?

Table For One?

If you hate dining solo, you're not alone.

Recipe For Success

Cheesecake maven gives destitute women a second chance.

Baby Steps

"Dancing Baby" cuts quite a rug.

Making Your Move

Relocating your business means more than packing boxes. Make sure you're ready long before moving day.

Lend Me Your Ears

Take heed: If you're oblivious to your customers' needs, your sales pitch could fall on deaf ears.

Look Before You Leap

In <i>What Were They Thinking? Lessons I've Learned From Over 80,000 New Product Innovations and Idiocies</i>, product development consultant Robert McMath reveals why some products succeed while others fail miserably.

Get It Together

Using computer power to organize your life.

United We Stand

Rather than swim alone in today's murky business waters, entrepreneurs are pairing up through strategic alliances.

Chips Ahoy!

Alternative chip makers are sailing into the mainstream PC market -- bringing more choices for computer buyers.

Image Counts

Scanners are an integral part of today's office. Here's how to get the most for your money.

Shoestring Startups

24 businesses you can start for $3,000 or less.

Dream Weaver

Great frame-ups, product launcher, kid stuff.

Good Calls

Your success is on the line when you choose an office phone

Power Of Attorneys

Take the law into your own hands.

Perfect Presents

Wrap up profits with a gift basket business.

You Make The Calls

6 steps to turning cold calls into hot sales.

Dishing It Out

Help yourself to success as a specialty food entrepreneur.

Exercise Your Options

Offering stock options could help you nab the most desirable employees.

`Hi' Hopes

Does your brochure get prospective customers to buy...or say bye-bye?

Spin Cycle

Yesterday's music funds today's schools.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Take this hackneyed phrase and make it mean something in your business.

Revenge Of The Nerds

Yesterday's computer geeks stake a claim in cyberspace. Guess who's cool now?

Market Watch

Do you know who your customers are?

Back To Basics

Vitamin C face cream? Coconut oil soap? A growing number of entrepreneurs are cleaning up by going au naturel.

Winner's Circle

Your chances of hitting the venture capital jackpot could depend on who you know.

What's The Problem?

Next time a customer cancels an order, find out what you did wrong -- and fix it!

Design Of The Times

Greeting cards reflect the changing face of America.

Tech Advantage

Don't know your modem from your monitor? Get tech-savvy -- or watch your marketing efforts suffer.

Honor Roll

Giving rewards to prize employees.

Bragging Rights

Think your product is better than your competitors'? Be sure you can back it up.

Ties That Bind

Employment contracts could save your business...and your relationships.

Dress Rehearsal

In the land of simulation, you can test sales strategies, plot market development and more -- without a bit of risk.

Up For Review

Is your accountant helping your business---or upping your tax bill? Take a close look.

Life Of The Party?

This company may seem ho-hum to everyone - except its investors.

An Offer You Can't Refuse

If you're looking to raise $1 million or less, an exempt stock offering can help you avoid the hassles of formal IPO registration and get you the money you need.

Packing A Punch

When you want an investment that has some punch in today's uncertain market, a municipal fund may be a good contender.

Electric Avenue

Do utility funds turn you off? This one could brighten up your portfolio.

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