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March 1999

March 1999

Entrepreneur | March 1999
March 1999
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Your So-Called Life

The overachieving entrepreneur's guide to making time for a real life.

Food, Glorious Food!

If you love it, why not invest in it?

Close To Home

Community lenders serve as a vital source of funding for nontraditional borrowers.

Delivering the Goods

Your Web site gets tons of orders, but how do you fill them? Don't go it alone--outsourcing makes fulfillment and distribution simpler and more efficient.

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Wireless Wandering

You are now free to move around your company.

Private Eyes

Professional Web researchers, auto-responders, virus hoaxes.

Top Secrets

The newest way to keep trespassers off your intellectual property.

Blame It On Rio

South America rises again.

Dynamic Duos

When friends are the perfect blend in business.

Virtual Trips

Travel sites make life on the road a little easier.

Hitting The Spot

To increase global sales, tap cultural niches.

Spinning Tales

Story time is back--and we're not kidding.

Bright Lights, Big Cities

Urban renewal spurs a return to city living nationwide.

No Harm Done?

A proposed OSHA rule could create business hazards in more ways than one.

What's It Worth?

If there's value in your inventory or receivables, you may be able to borrow against it to help fund the growth of your business.

High Hopes

Small high-tech entrepreneurs express even more optimism than their big-business counterparts. So what does David know that Goliath doesn't?

Future Speak

Think demassification. Figure out how to deliver. In the future that prognosticators Alvin and Heidi Toffler foresee, a whole lot of entrepreneurial opportunities await.

Schizophrenic Nation

They're healthy; they're indulgent. They're cynical; they're hopeful. They're having fun; they're working like maniacs. Are today's consumers nuts--or just trying to have it all?

How I Got My Big Idea

Get the lowdown on news, trends, programs and more

The X-Treme Files

Why today's fringe culture is tomorrow's cute ad campaign--and how the cutting edge bites back

Gotta Have It!

How to build a business on a $3,000 budget (and yes, that includes a computer)

How To Cheat On Your Boss

Starting a business from your cube . . . without getting caught

Good Trips

Tools and sites to help you travel cheap

Think fast

Hard facts on the latest software

Space Cases

Back it up with a backup drive.

Swimming With Sharks

Internet scams, money from mom and dad, tax-trimmers

Pushing The Envelope

Entrepreneurs get their messages across with specialty greeting cards.

Hair Apparent

Thank heaven for little girls.

Your Draw

A greeting card opportunity that lets you deal your own hand.

Power Play

When the lights go out, make sure your computer is protected.

What's In A Name?

It depends. If your company's name doesn't describe the product or service you provide, it shouldn't be the focus of your advertising.

What Price Success?

Your prices can ensure your prosperity or doom you to failure. Choose them wisely.

Tune In Or Miss Out

Start-up videos to get your business going.

(E)mail-order Education

Course one: Becoming a restaurateur.

Good Fortune

Diary of a start-up: from idea to fruition.

Getting Answers

Don't let a franchisor's decision not to disclose earnings figures discourage you. There are ways to find out what you need to know.

Redesigning A Classic

. . . but the mug is as frosty as ever.

Read the Fine Print

... or you could get screwed.

Bagging The Sack Lunch

Franchising reinvents the school lunch.

What's New

Bagels and stamps, please.

Equal-Access Success

Franchisee finds disabled staff works out well.

Breaking In

Program helps African-Americans become franchisors.

Cyber Cash

The sure thing that wasn't: As the initial frenzy subsides, the Internet's investment-raising potential is re-evaluated. Yes, the capital is out there-but only if you know where (and how) to look.

Help Is On The Way

Resources for entrepreneurs

Soft Sell

How two brothers with an idea for a better tissue got in the game with the big boys--and didn't get flushed.

Buying Time

Have a great idea, but you're not quite ready for a patent? A provisional patent protects your rights--and ''holds your place'' in the Patent Office's line.

Something To Prove

Are you giving customers something your competitors can't? Pushing your extra value could put you on top.

Dog Gone

Teaching an old product new tricks.

You've Got Mail

What shipping and handling can do for your business.

Theory of Un-Relativity

How to keep nonfamily managers happy in order to grow your business.

To The Rescue

Always stepping in to save the day? Stop doing your employees' work before it's too late!

Handle With Care

Office temps--what you need to know about the legal rights of these fleeting employees.

Elementary, My Dear Watson

It's an air-tight case: Staging business-related mystery events proves positive!

Year In Review

Why examining your deductibles may lead to significant deductions.

Fathers Figure

Don't forget men when setting work/family policies for your business.

Extra Credit

Searching for more tax savings? An ounce of credit can be worth a pound of deductions.

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