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August 1999

August 1999

Entrepreneur | August 1999
August 1999
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Aliens Abducted My Employees

Entrepreneurial nightmares you have to see to believe

Ready Or Not?

Before you start shaking the trees for investors, make sure you're prepared to catch them.

Bonds Have More Fun

Think munis aren't all that exciting? This one may change your mind.

Opening Doors

A new SBIC targets Latino entrepreneurs.

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Take Control

. . . before too much technology sends you and your business over the edge.

Hot On The Trail

More and more online retailers are using a variety of tools to help them track their customers. Here's how you can, too.

Nonstop Numbers

Auto-dialing is now within your reach.

In Search Of. . .

Save time and effort with a better search engine.

Get It Together

All the Web you need, uncluttered and fit to you

Strike It Niche!

Get the jump on these up-and-coming trends.

Miles Plus

Balance popular with practical and you'll get the best reward


You can't change the sexist attitudes you find in the global marketplace, but you can take advantage of them.

An Old Favorite

2,300 years after its culture dominated the world, Greece is still very open for business.

The Payoff

Can giving more to yourself or your employees mean giving less to Uncle Sam?

Around The World In 15 Ways

Attention, road warriors! Tips to tackle your next overseas trip

Chain Reaction

Open a store . . . open a store . . .and so on . . . and so on . . . and so on . . .

Betting On Success

Black entertainment television founder Bob Johnson commands a billion-dollar empire built on one simple rule: choose a niche and serve it any way you can.

When The Party's Over . . .

You've built your business on millennium madness. Good for you! But what happens when the ball drops over Times Square? Don't let your business become last century's news.

Branching Out

Multiple banks, starting a 401(k), what Dad never told you, angel investors

The Price Is Right

So you're not filthy rich. You might be after you start one of these 10 hot businesses-and it won't cost megabucks to do it.

Flirting With Disaster

When your business takes up 18 hours a day, who has time for romance? These entrepreneurs do--proving mixing love and business doesn't have to be a tug of war.

Retro Revisited

Rack up sales with retro fashions.

Get Smart

Extracurricular education


Hard facts on the latest software

Get Your Cliques

Get the lowdown on news, trends, programs, and more.

North Carolina

A directory of Tarheel State recyclers

Human Resources

Build a better company through better employees.

True Colors

Family-run Maaco offers franchisees a proven sales system and a tag line customers will never forget.

Local Heroes

Rental franchise believes charity begins in the community.

The Write Idea

Help! I need a business plan.

Exact Change

A business opportunity you see everyday

Read The Fine Print

Buying a franchise isn't that scary--and this book tells you why.

Partners in Pizza

Program pairs investors with enthusiastic franchisees.

More Than Money

Cash-poor friends may still have a lot to contribute.

Extra Credit

Earn while you learn--and leave college with a flourishing business.

You'd Better Shop Around

Buying an existing business? Smart idea. But before you sign on the dotted line, make sure the business is all it's cracked up to be.

Watch Your Mouth!

If you don't want to lose the rights to your idea, don't talk about it--without a nondisclosure agreement, that is.

Survival Of The Biggest

In the war against category killers, franchises provide entrepreneurs with secret weapons: a big company brand and the specialized service of an independent.


The fact: more than a million people bought rocks as pets. The lesson: you can sell anything to anybody.

Sky's The Limit

Ever thought of starting your own airline? Now that's an entrepreneur.

Smile and Dial

. . . but watch out for phrases that put a glitch in your across-the-wire sales pitch.


Work magic with a testimonial headline.

Speak Up!

Done correctly, seminars can increase your company's visibility--and even ring up sales.

Between The Lines

Reading your customer's next move is easier than you think.

In The Clear?

A bill to ease National Labor Relations Board action against small business is up for a fourth time. Will it pass?

Knock, Knock

Should the IRS come calling, your welcome mat had better read `insured.'

Take A Load Off!

Overwhelmed by heavy HR duties? Try leaving inner-office issues to outside experts.

Time For Change?

Runaway lawsuits provoke lawmakers to push for reform. Here's how their proposals will affect you.

Ruling Roulette

Are you gambling with the future of your company? Why staff rotation is risky business

New Directions

How you implement a change is as important as the change itself.


Plan to stay small forever? We didn't think so. One way to shoot for the big leagues is to think big--Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals, that is.

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