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July 2000

July 2000

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July 2000
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Hold 'Em

There are two ways to get outside cash into your business. Take a look at two entrepreneurs balancing the eternal choice between selling equity and borrowing.

Discover the Secrets of Auditors, Part 2

New guides help you keep the tax man away--for good.

Wrong Side of the Net

There aren't any sirens in the night, but the Web does have its seedy underbelly. Protect yourself from the grifters, the scammers and the crooks.

In Good Forum

You need tons of money. You have no financial contacts. Where can you turn? Many entrepreneurs have found what they need in venture forums.

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Get Outta Here

For tax breaks and investment opportunities, sometimes you just have to leave the country.

Money In The Bank

Check out over 600 entrepreneur-friendly banks.

No Muse, No Fuse!

Wanna' sell units? Make ads that promise to whisk away life's more odious tasks.

Campaign Ready?

Ok, your new advertising looks great. But how will you ensure its success?

Follow Your NOs

Disagreeing without being disagreeable

Just Ask

Knowing the right questions to ask can be as powerful as any sales technique.


New idea for a promotional giveaway

Say What?

Winning over customers is tough-especially when you don't make any sense.

That's Outrageous

A dash of good humor and a pinch of zany can be all it takes.

In Other News...

Updates on small-business legislation

Something Ventured

Encourage SBICs and you encourage small-business growth.

What's The Damage?

Adding disability coverage to your benefits package

Take A Hike

.or maybe just go outside for a while. Whatever you do, don't drag your staff into that old meeting room for even one more of the stuffy same ol'.

Dead Man's Curve

Cell phones can turn any road into a Jan & Dean song.


Cops handle the crime, but forensic accountants figure out the damage done.

Do The Laundry, Walk The Dog

Ok, they won't do that, but virtual assistants can help you with administrative tasks.

Young (Hired) Guns

Teen workers: They're fast, strong and practically begging to get out of the house for a few hours.

The Voices In Your Head

They're saying things--some good, some bad. Timothy Gallwey teaches people to listen to the right ones.

Web Site

The latest news and updates on employee benefits


Census 2000 could make EEOC compliance more difficult.

Under Lock And Key

Employees know secrets their former bosses don't want them sharing.

Current Events

Social Security news you can use


New Web site helps entrepreneurs take their businesses global.

New World Barter

A creative alternative for cash-strapped entrepreneurs


College students offer free help and expertise to local businesses.

The Paper Trail

No one invested...they went years without making a profit. Was this publishing duo's path pigheaded or visionary?

Film Stars

Crestcom franchisees use video and live presentation to bring management training to life.

Future Speak

A look at franchising in the new millenium

To Their Credit

AlphaGraphics franchisees learn by doing.

Oldies But Goodies

Getting back to their roots raises profits for A&W franchisees.

What's New

Franchise update on Kinderdance International Inc.

A Model For Success

Franchisees strike a pose with their new combo store.

Bright Lights, Big City

An opportunity written in the stars

Room To Grow Your Business

Design an office with space for PC and phone systems to expand and avoid your own TECH-tanic.

Your Public Face

Putting together a media kit that gets results

Follow Your Inner Brownie

Advisors are helpful...but so is listening to your gut.

The Road Most Traveled

Bank loans too few, too hard, too much trouble? Maybe not.

There Has to Be Another Way

Even if loans and venture capital are out of the question, you're not even halfway down your list of options.

Just Do It

Putting off applying for that patent? You may regret it later.

Here's Your Chance

Inventors go toy-to-toy for development dollars.

Who Needs 'Em?

Traditional retailers are no longer the only game in town.

Prepare For Liftoff

I need guidance getting my product to a manufacturer.

Discover The Secrets Of Auditors

New guides help you keep the tax man away-for good.

Your Butt on the Line

Hate to burst your balloon, but you'll have to risk your money to raise money.

Model Behavior

Changing with the times to get the right blend of bonds, cash and stocks

Web Site

Site helps hook-up businesses needing money with big-name lenders

Corporate Collateral

You need money. Big companies have money. Here's how to get it.

Palmtop Porridge

This Palm Pilot's too small, this laptop's too big-but a Jupiter is juuuuuuust right.

Wise Buys

Reviews of Office Domain's AnswerASAP call-forwarding service and Cybermatrix Pro Sched appointment scheduling software

Free For All

The Internet has made shareware the computer enthusiast's hottest commodity. Don't you think it's time to cash in on these near-free utilities?

Wise Buys

Reviews of eCongo turnkey e-commerce service, Nexternal Solution's e-commerce shopping cart system, and SmartAge.com's suite of e-commerce services

Getting In Print

Eyeballs don't spend all day staring at monitors. It's e-marketing time for catalogs, posters and mailings.

Wacky Over Wireless

Update on wireless phone sales

Making A Splash

Fixed wireless services test the waters.

The Wireless Web

If you're waiting for WAP, don't hold your breath.

Behind The Wheel

JABRA EarSet for Cellular, PCS and Mobile Phones

Switch In Time

Cybex Switch ViewOSD KVM switch server controller

Just Play It

TEAC America 24X PortaCD external CD-ROM

Test Drive

LaCie's PocketDrive external hard drive


ADS Technologies' USB to Ethernet Networking Starter Kit

Privacy Plus

Web site analyzes the privacy of your Web browser

Name Calling

Site that helps you select a company name be telling you what's available and what's not

List Service

Links to hundreds of useful lists that have appeared in magazines and newpapers over the past year

It Figures

Business, economic and social information for countries worldwide

Fast Facts

Internet and technology statistics

To Market

Where to click to keep tabs on that IPO

Search Party

New tools to find what you need

Flat Monitor Society

They're not just for the exorbitantly rich anymore.

It's In The Air

Laptops and palmtops talking without wires? It's Bluetooth inside.

Trial By Free Market

Ex-Coca-Cola-exec Sergio Zyman on marketing success.and New Coke.

Business & Pleasure

Doing business in Sonoma, California

Road Notes

Deals from Delta Air Lines and Hertz

High-Wired Act

The latest technology promises to beat the boredom of your next flight.

A New Gap

Gender gap this, gender gap that--what about the gap between older and younger business owners?

Czech List

Doing business with Eastern Europe

Home Again

To sell in the new century, learn how people will live.

Keep It Up

Jugglers multitask faster'n greased lightnin' and feel the weight o' the world on their shoulders.


Don't know what to do with that old 486 clunker in the corner of the office? You don't have to trash it. Here are some suggestions.

Book 'Em

Review of e-Personal Finance

They Like you!

But how can you use workers' newfound love for their employers to your advantage?

Hula-Hoop It Up

Welcome to the world of Internet phenomena, where you actually want to hear the words "Oh, it's just a fad."

2nd Annual E-List

9 of today's hottest netpreneurs

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Determining when it's time to say no to a client

Give It Away

Promotional products--what to get and how to give 'em away.

Blind Faith

Don't worry! We'll tell you how to overcome your feelings of intimidation and reach your goals.

The Client Game

Improve on your client-relation skills by brushing up on these tips.

Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation

Start your own Gen X consulting firm.


So you've got a new product and know just who to market it to. Here's what to do next.

The Whole Enchilada

Multifunction machines provide all-in-one capabilities.

On the Level

The Internet makes MLM easier--but it won't do the work for you. Before you commit, make sure you're prepared.

Risky Business

Startup and risk go hand in hand. But how much is too much?

Immovable Feats

Can you finance your business without getting out of your chair? Not entirely, webheads. At some point, you'll have to use them legs.

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