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December 2000

December 2000

Entrepreneur | December 2000
December 2000
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Think Bigger

So you've got a $10 million business? Big deal. That's kid stuff, chump change, small potatoes. Would you mind terribly if we told you how to make that a $100 million business? Didn't think so.

Fast Track

A quick look at a software company that quickly became successful

Mighty Mouse Pad

MySmart.com's MySmart Pad

Speak Easy

Has the wireless Web met its match?

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Through The Window Glass

Focusing like a laser beam on broadband

On The Runway

Like the fashion world's avant-garde clothing, new concept PCs using Intel's latest technologies offer a sneak peak at what's to come.

Choose or Lose

There are lots of ASPs out there. Here's how to select the right one for you.

New Releases

Reviews of Mangosoft's Cachelink Pro, Deerfield.com's WinGate 4.0, and Sygate Technologies' Sygate Personal Firewall 2.1

Future Earnings

Is 2001 your year? The year you rap on Microsoft's window. . . Put Amazon-like sales on your books? Want to hear how you'll do it?

Urge To Merge

M&A services: not just for the big guys anymore

Factoring In

Consolidation in factoring may help entrepreneurs.

Get Connected

Auctiontec's USB InternetPhone Wizard

Web Site

Need financing? Check out this site that administers SBA loan programs.

Unwelcome Business

Your small bank's been bought by the not-so-jolly bank giant-now what?

Release Me!

My business is a success, so why's my house still collateral?

Hang 1040!

Surfing the Net for the newest tax info

Count It Up

. . . if you can. New and confusing IRS accounting rules may leave you puzzled.

Tell All

Gift-giving: Inform the IRS thoroughly to avoid an audit.

I See You. . .

Fight high-tech thieves with high-tech weapons

Make Headlines

You might if you build a business profile.

Got Style?

Looks are everything when it comes to your corporate identity.


Review of <I>Twenty Ads That Shook The World</I>

Juggling Time

Having difficulty balancing work and play? Make the most of each day with these time-management techniques.

Choice Is Yours

When customers just can't decide, that when you step in.

Lap of Luxury

With children making up one of the hottest markets around, why not start your own upscale children's product company?

Hot . . . Or Not?

Is that "hot" start-up concept all it's cracked up to be? How to test your idea and start the business that's right for you

Digital Divide?

You've heard about the mudslinging between the Valley and the Alley. Now hear the truth.

Master Plan

If you want to see your product get on store shelves, you'd better have more than one plan in place.

I Quit!

Before you utter those famous last words, milk that corporate job for all it's worth-your new start-up will thank you.

Round Two

You're about ready to say good-bye to Business #1 . . . but are you ready to say hello to Business #2?

Down Flat

With prices falling fast, you may want to examine the latest generation of flat-panel monitors.

Give, and Ye Shall Receive

Some simple dos and don'ts regarding holiday gift-giving.

License To Profit

Not a creative genius? You don't have to be if you can find a product that's available to license.

Au Natural

Launching a skin-care company from the ground up

Watch And Learn

. . . or watch and feel like a slimy interloper. Dig into your ethos and discover whether employee Internet monitoring is for you.

But I Didn't Sign It!

Be careful-that doesn't always mean it's not a deal.

You Are Getting Sleepy.

What does your sleep position say about your approach to business?

My Start-Up Failed

Failure loves company; this company loves failure.

Fresh Peddlers

The skinny on selling pork rinds-the <i>puffy</i> white meat

Hot Employee: Chief Privacy Officer

Should you hire one of these people for your business?

Ring My Bell

When your e-customers ask for help, is anyone there to answer?

A Penny Saved

Lowering your bill is as easy as point and click.

Search Me

When you're searching the Web for information, ask this genie for help.

Open Sesame!

Got a hankering for a bargain? Check out this sprawling cyber B2B flea market.

Wide World Of Exports

If you're looking for distributors, this matchmaking site may be just what you need.

Pocket Pro

Mind @ work's Digital Wallet palm-sized storage device

What's New

The latest happenings at American Speedy Printing Centers Inc., Interquest Detection Canines and Floor Coverings International

Put A Lid On It

If your employees work outside the office, beware: Your competitors <i>are </i>watching.

No Time For Lines

"Bring us our lunch!" yell workers. He obliges.

What A Gas!

It burns in your tank, but not on a flame.

Do The Math

Weary taxpayers + good location: Does Jackson Hewitt add up?

Pollution Solution

Don't let pollution damage lead to financial damage.

Web Site

A glossary that helps you decipher those confusing insurance terms

House Buries Super Fund Bill

Partisan bickering entombs exempts for small businesses.

Catch A Niche

Where can moms surf to find my resume-writing business?

On The Line

How can I take calls for my part-time business when I'm working a full-time job?

Fortune Telling

Can you know what you'll earn before opening a franchise?

Sweaty Palms

Nervous about buying a handheld? Don't be-we'll walk you through it.

Getting Better All The Time

Build a better business with a little help from these books.


In the United States and abroad, pros give small firms a helping hand.

Disabled Entrepreneurs

Self-employment pushed as option for the disabled


New high-tech bridge loan fund


Entrepreneurial centers focus on those who've served.

Tacky Never Looked So Good

They're a little offbeat. They sell weird stuff on the Web. This is their story.

What a Trip!

How one couple's jaunt led to an entrepreneurial journey

Ahead of the Curve

The twisters of Wetzel's Pretzels are touching down everywhere

A World Of Difference

A microfranchise program seeks to reduce poverty in underdeveloped countries.

Com and Get It

Answering the new "age-old" question, How do you get surfers to visit your Web site?

Taking It All In

Not sure how to get e-shopper's money into your pocket? Credit cards or e-cash--find the payment method to fit your needs.

Call In the Pros

Need marketing help from the experts? Choose the best firm for your budget.

Keep It Goin'

Don't let high interest rates squelch your growth plans.

Stuff Your Stocking

. . . with books to help you spread good cheer and healthy profit worldwide.

Loser Laws

It's high time Congress got rid of some old-time legislation.

Big Tippers

The factors that push businesses over the edge and into the type of growth there's no coming back from

Patent Fever

Rushing to join the patent stampede? Hold on and take a closer look at your business. Smart dotcommers put their patents on one leg at a time.

A Bad Rep?

They sell your products, but their contracts can sell you down the river.

Secondhand Store

Destination: Buying a used franchise? Here's how to make the right moves.

Soft Sell

Those ever-so-nice solicitors are eating up your workers' time.

Fast Track

How one entrepreneur found a way to help others save money on their pets - and earned some money of her own doing it.

Web Site

Want to see what the big bad boys are up to? Check out this corporate muckracking e-zine

Pop The Question

Not <I>the</I> question&#151;but a question mark can make you advertisement more powerful.

New Releases

Reviews of ReturnCentral.com's Virtual Returns Disk to control online product returns; Total Merchant Services' Total E-Commerce Solution package; and Lyris Technologies' Lyris ListManager 4.0

Web Site

Information that will help you avoid the worst "lock in" sites

Hello, My Name Is. . .

The best way to protect your invention? Brand your name.

Stop Complaining About Your Business!

You need to vent--but bringing too much home from the office can spark resentment.

For His Own Good

Experts tell one man the truth about his Web site.

.And Arbitrated Justice For All

So long court: The scales have tipped in favor of alternative dispute resolution.

Perfect Forum

Dive off Springboard into the pool of venture capital.

The Road Ahead

A look at 2001 and beyond

Road Notes

New services from Northwest Airlines, Hertz and Europebyair.com

You Are What You Drive

Does your car reflect your business image?

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