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April 2002

April 2002

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April 2002
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Game of Risk

If you see the words "caution" or "careful" in your entrepreneurial rulebook, you're reading it wrong.

Hear and Now

More and more sound-savvy entrepreneurs are realizing that silence isn't always golden when it comes to their Web sites.

Marketing Buzz 04/02

Why teaching could be an entrepreneur's most important job and the latest advice on self promotion

Hire and Hire

If you plan on making the sales you need to survive the recession, maybe you need more people to do the selling.

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John@ v. Jane@

Is the best mediation for online arguments online?

Bugs Money

Don't take a big loss when a virus strikes.

Keep the Faithful

Is it better to cut positions or just salaries? . . . and carry the eight . . . wait, stop calculating and think of employee morale.

Management Buzz 04/02

Firing your CEO and the latest ADA Supreme Court ruling

Under Study

Why did your client say no? Why can't your employees do their jobs? The answer may lie in corporate anthropology.

Don't Be an April Fool!

There's time for some last-minute tax moves.

It's Payback Time

Are your deadbeat debtors getting you down? Don't get mad, get even.

Industrial Strength

Pump up portfolios with strong sector funds.

Money Buzz 04/02

How number-crunching could predict business success, a solution to low-worth stock options, and the value of "Patriot Bonds"

Tough Enough

Despite speculations of a kinder SEC, Harvey Pitt is cracking down on business.

Tech Buzz 04/02

The skinny on tablet PCs and what the future of Internet technology will hold

Ever After

Will you still respect your clients in the morning?

Trips Ahoy!

The add-ons and unbelievable deals we saw in past years may be gone, but our 9th Annual Business Travel Awards prove that good value isn't a distant memory.

Hot Disks 04/02

Get snazzier presentations, develop rich media e-mails, prevent computer crashes and compose e-mail on the fly.

Broad Horizons

For a while, it looked like the sun was setting on broadband. Now be prepared for the dawn of a new, improved marketplace.

Ga-Ga for Google

Users are fans of the company's highly relevant searches. We're fans because Google is a dotcom that's making money.

Buy? Cell?

Do your homework before choosing a plan.


Now you can ramble in more ways than one.

Double Take

CD-RW/DVD combination drives can give you the best of both worlds, so don't think twice about giving them a second look.

In the Bags

Hand-beaded accessories have treated Christiana Lapetina-Johnson almost as kindly as she treats her employees.

Is That Really Necessary?

Having trouble figuring out what technology you need amongst all the useless fluff, add-ons and upgrades? We got you covered.

Keep It Coming

Step 1: Start a business. Step 2: Fail. Step 3: Start a business. Repeat as necessary.

Got the Goods

The top 117 industry-leading companies from our 2002 Franchise 500

Creative Marketing on a Shoestring

You've ransacked your brain for a shred of creativity, and you still can't come up with some decent marketing tactics. Good news: We've done the work for you.

The Art of (Price) War

Low prices sound good, but can you slice deep without hitting profit?

Among Friends

How do you make customers comfortable enough to buy? Give 'em an online community.

Little Women

In industries dominated by giants, small companies must break the rules to survive.

Julz Chavez

40, creator and co-founder of San Francisco-based Get Real Girl

Down by Law

Powerful industry lobbies are fighting tooth and nail to stop online competitors.

Child Stars

Reaffirming the American way, kids are showing new entrepreneurial interest.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Know where your drivers are-and how they got there.


How to be the best no. 4, 5 or 6 you can possibly be

Off the Market?

Nasdaq is bending the rules to lend a hand to falling companies, but will it help?

¿Que Tal?

The Hispanic market keeps on buying, even when you throw a recession in its way.

Unmaking a List

It'll take more than "credible evidence" to keep you out of government contracting.

"No Fair" Fares

Have you paid the high price of buying cheap airline tickets?

Wasn't Me

If you're not yet suffering from post-Enron guilt by incorporation, you will be.

Manned Rocket

With a little gender rebranding, this boutique really took off.

It Figures 04/02

Small-business hiring patterns, keeping in touch with customers and more

Paper Chase

Transcription services by any other name would smell just as sweet and successful.

I Will Survive

Valuable tips on preparing for the worst-case scenario before disaster strikes your business

Should You Hire Family or Friends?

Do you want to mix business with family or friends? To preserve the ties that bind, be sure to prepare with care.

At Ease, Private!

Private labeling offers an end to all the woes of dealing with retailers.

Deep Impact

One entrepreneur uses innovation to help others make a lasting impression without the headache.

What's New 04/02

Plane tickets? Check. Bags? Check. Passport Health Inc.?

Settled Out-of-Court

Stake your mall cafe claim away from the food court.

Comes In Handy

Got some work around the house, but can't find anyone who's up to the task? Just buy yourself a franchise.

Grab Bag

Plentiful partners can give you what you're groping for.

Have Your Day in Court?

Lawsuits happen-and as with any other aspect of negotiating, it's up to you to get the best deal for your business.

And Another Thing . . .

Successful marketing takes more than a monster budget.

Where Are You Headed?

Sometimes it's not as much what your headline says as where you place it.

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