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September 2002

September 2002

Entrepreneur | September 2002
September 2002
Entrepreneur Magazine

Innovative Model

Joey Reiman has thought up stuff you've only dreamed about--and now he's going to share his secrets of innovation with you.


Change can be business CPR, but you have to do it right.

Data Mining

There's gold in them thar numbers.

Woe Is the CFO

These days, CFO may have more responsibility than the acronym was meant to handle. Does yours have what it takes to handle the scrutiny and the pressure?

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Tech Buzz 09/02

Cordless phones with mobile-style features; is it a deck of cards or a computer?

Gear 09/02

A low-cost laser printer; a PowerBook for graphic artists

Cool Clicks 09/02

The importance of ergonomics; the latest search engine to give Google a run for its money

Forage for Storage

It's cheap, convenient and keeps your files secure. No wonder entrepreneurs are getting attached to NAS.

The Search Is On

Small-business owners are clamoring to add search functions to their Web sites. Should you join the hunt for one, too?

Hot Disks 09/02

Tinkering with your photos, protecting your PC and more

Think Before You Plan

Are you really getting the most for your buck?

Say Cheese!

A picture is worth a thousand words to cell phone carriers.


P2P exposes you to attack from hackers looking to filch files. Here's how to avoid a swap-and-run.

The Opposite Sex

Women in search of money still face a man's world.

It Figures 09/02

Who's using broadband, how men and women evaluate Web sites and more

Double Your Fun

Carl Prindle gives a dotcom disaster one more chance--and this time, he's in charge.

Hold On to What's Yours

Get the money you need without giving up too much of the company.

Bear Market

How one company repositioned itself for a plush success story

Make It a Combo

No need for a fleet of sedans and cargo vans. One SUV will do it all.

Playing BRIDGE

Grow your business with help from your own tax dollars.

Flash 09/02

Debunking the eBay myth, making Segways legal and more

Steve Richardson

63, Chief Tormenter of Stave Puzzles Inc. in Norwich, Vermont

Write Away

Can't type worth a darn? Not to worry. Now you can handwrite your info on your computer.

Flying Solo

Pay more for a travel agent? Why not just go online?

National Interests

Entrepreneurship isn't all about money--it's nothing less than the American way.

Home, Cheap Home

Looking to hit young adult consumers where they live? Try their parents' houses.

Smoke Screening

Some employees have to take workplace smoking policies home with them.

Young Is Old

Maybe youthful energy can't quite top the experience that comes with age after all.

Been There, Done That

Growing an entrepreneurial empire? Turn to the big names in business if you need help.

Calling Security

Are you taking advantage of the post-9/11 boom in security technology?

Sales Letter Makeovers

Quit sending out sales letters that leave your prospects yawning. Time to wow them with a letter that gets results.

Movin' on Up

Two winning teams of MBA students get a rise out of vying for investors' attentions.

Turning the Tables

Bigwigs are stirring up the kids' furniture market. But when the sawdust settles, entrepreneurs prove they can play, too.

Two's the Charm

Entrepreneurship is in these sisters' blood, but friendship is what has made them inseparable business partners.

Lighting the Way

In the dark because your oddball product doesn't fit with buyers? There is success at the end of the tunnel.

Simple Pleasures

Choosing not to put her profits into one basket, an entrepreneurial gourmand is now savoring the sweet taste of success.

What's New 09/02

Help for entrepreneurs and franchisees

Rescue Me

This franchisee saves homes and offices from computer viruses, crashes and other catastrophes.

Family Affair

Even after all these years, a franchisee still finds warmth in a chilly business.

Looks Like Rain

If you've thought and thought and still haven't come up with any great ideas, don't sweat. We've got the tips to turn your bone-dry brainstorming sessions into hurricane-force innovation.

Keep Thinking

Follow the lead of these franchisees who took their ideas to the corporate office and changed the way their franchises did business.

Through the Roof

You have two options: Find a way around skyrocketing health-care costs or start keeping more Kleenex around the office.

Undefeated Seasons

It's been a year since September 11 made Americans ask how we would ever get back to business as usual. How have business owners fared? Resisting the dual forces of terror and recession proved to be a challenge entrepreneurs were able to step up to.

Practice Makes Perfect

Introducing the top innovators of...1989. As you would imagine, they've done a lot more innovating in the meantime.

Granting Your Wishes

Award money can help finance your start-up, but be careful in taking its availability for granted.

Marketing Buzz 09/02

Sell better by understanding the six different customer types; how to respond to bad press

Post With the Most

Why mailings need an additional zip

Digging Up the Dirt

By scouring the public record, deal-makers can play detective, too.

Get a Hue!

Clueless about colors for your fall marketing campaign? Shades affect sales more than you think.

King of the Mountain

He didn't let big companies snow on his parade.

Kick It Up

Your sales techniques can pack a punch with strategies borrowed from the martial arts.

Show Business

Learn essential lessons from the silver screen with these A-list sales movies.

Management Buzz 09/02

Helping new employees get acclimated; why including your employees is a good thing

Shut Up Already!

No matter what the charges are, taking out an ad to defend yourself isn't a good idea--at least until the Supreme Court has its say.

Inner Turmoil

An employee crime spree? Make sure you're covered.

The Late Show

Does it seem like your employee's procrastination problem is in repeats? It's time to find a solution or say your goodbyes.

New Perspective

Role-playing can help you see the future through someone else's eyes.

Money Buzz 09/02

The end of state homestead exemptions may be in sight, credit and debit cards join forces, and more.

All the Perks

Small businesses deserve some big-business treatment.

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