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September 2003

September 2003

Entrepreneur | September 2003
September 2003
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Talking Shop

Wonder what makes shoppers tick? 5 retail superstars reveal how to please customers and, more important, how to keep them coming back for more.

It Figures 09/03

How well employees get along with their co-workers, best U.S. locations for retail operations and more

Equal Time?

Under a new ruling, you may have to let unions use your e-mail system to promote their platform.

Bad Judgment?

Even top execs can make mistakes. With the right coverage, it's no problem.

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Risky Business

Should a prospective employee's credit history determine whether he or she gets the job?

Management Buzz 09/03

Why cell phones are no longer welcome at meetings; think twice before joining a city commission

Stop Those Leaking Profits!

Is your business leaking profits? Find out--and get more of the revenue stream back in your company.

Payroll Piggy Bank?

The IRS is no pushover when it comes to payroll withholding taxes. So if you're tempted to misuse these funds, you'd better reconsider.

Do the REIT Thing?

When it comes to returns on real estate, think long-term investment.

Not So Fast!

Seeking an investor? Slow down and take five steps to protect your company from making a bad choice.

Take Me to Your Leaders

A new research tool helps you find leading mutual funds.

Money Buzz 09/03

Online charitable systems for your employees; a fundamentally flawed investing strategy

Got Leverage?

If you're ready to sell, you've got the upper hand. Large buyout firms will be looking to entrepreneurs.

Resources 09/03

Web sites, organizations, events and more to grow your business

Best in Shoe

Knowing what's hip has helped this shoe expert build a footwear empire.

A Tug of War

You can't have it all. To negotiate successfully, you've got to master the art of give and take.

Doing Your Part?

If it's the duty of every American to spend, then businesses must give something of value back.

Playing Favorites

Find out which Web sites these entrepreneurs use to run their businesses more efficiently.

Video to Go

Now you can take your video capabilities on the road.

All's Fair . . .

. . . in love and business, so you may need a prenup to protect your company's assets.

Hired Guns

Is enlisting bloggers the wave of the future in marketing?

Now Showing . . .

Win partners by letting them see what you're made of--with a "portfolio" of your patented technology.

Saving the Day

Does your brand need triage? Here's something to help.

Testing, 1-2-3

Wondering if you can really get any work done at a Wi-Fi hot spot? We've got the answer.

Get Your Fix

Prevent a roadside emergency from sidelining your business--equip your company vehicles with the latest kits.

A Hand Up

Urban, minority entrepreneurs are hotter than ever--so where is their funding?

Your Loss?

Don't risk losing your laptop (or PDA or phone) on your next flight. Try these labeling tools.


Are small companies that buy from giant retailers sleeping with the enemy?

Ken & Jennifer Miller

43, 40, co-founders of Thousand Mile, in Vista, California

Direct Hit

Can direct marketing survive a consumer backlash?

Back to Basics

Ex-dotcommers create new beginnings through low-tech businesses.

A Hand in Remarriage

These entrepreneurs help make it easier for couples to walk down the aisle as many times as they like.

You're the Boss

There are some things beyond your control, such as a poor job market. But that doesn't mean you can't control your future. Follow the lead of these entrepreneurs, who bought their own franchises.

Open Doors?

Entrepreneurs have pushed for deregulation as a way to get a foot in the door of old, entrenched industries. But is cutting through the red tape the solution you've been waiting for?

Movin' On Up

Is your business limping along on outdated computers or a network that doesn't meet your needs anymore? Here are five ways to upgrade your technology and boost your company's productivity.

Going Somewhere?

Then you might want to carry one of these tiny, high-quality printers in your back pocket.

Take One Tablet . . .

Give it a good look, and call us in the morning if it's right for your business.

Help Wanted

Want to hand a project to a freelancer but don't know where to start? The Internet can help.

Global Appeal

Connecting the world with the push of a button

Lead the Way

New gadgets blaze trails for mobile workers.

Call of the Wi-Fi

Heard the latest about systems that combine voice calls with wireless LANs? They're within your reach.

Tech Buzz 09/03

Rebates on old handhelds; an update on IT outsourcing

Gear 09/03

Blackberry's latest handheld; a souped-up flat-panel display

Hot Disks 09/03

Partitioning your hard drive, remote access software and more

Send in the Clones

Will competitors' knockoffs destroy your products' edge? Not if you don't let them.

End of the Road?

Success isn't a destination; it's simply undertaking the journey.

Let the Bidding Begin

An eBay business could be your entry to the online marketplace. Find out how to get started today.

Labor of Love

For Jack and Diane*, the road to becoming franchisees is a waiting game.

Goodwill Hunting?

Then these franchises are worth a look if you need a helping hand--or want to lend one to others.

Name That Biz

Think the business-name registration process in Florida is the same as the one in California? Think again.

An Office of One's Own

When space is at a minimum, turn your creativity to the maximum.

Full Esteem Ahead

Act like an executive--and get the respect you deserve.

Out of the Ashes

This company faced sure disaster--but came out shining.

Roamin' Holiday

Let a vacation put you on the road to a great start-up idea.

Just Teasing

Refusing to give your prospects the whole story at once is a surefire way to pique their curiosity.

Change of Face

Is your logo losing its luster? Then maybe it's time to transform it with a new look.

Charted Territory

Candy crosses the border to open new doors.

Breakthrough Performance

Five stellar ways to steal the show from your competition

Fantastic Plastic

3 ways gift cards can increase your sales

Marketing Buzz 09/03

Selling products related to a crisis

Straight to the Outsource

Feeling the crunch? Then it may be time to look outside your company for help.

What's Your Angle?

Get fresh ideas when you change your perspective.

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