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10 Healthy, Productive Things To Do While High

You can remain physically and mentally healthy while running your business from home. Here are 10 productive ways to spend your free time in quarantine (while high, of course).


It’s 2020 and the lazy stoner stereotype no longer holds up

Lindsey Bartlett
Painting while high is a healthy, productive activity for your mental health.

There are so many stimulating activities—both physically and mentally—that you can do while consuming cannabis. The high isn’t necessarily the end goal, but a meaningful accompaniment along on the journey.  

That’s because productive cannabis users are normalizing marijuana, actively rewriting the narrative every day. Who are these high-functioning stoners, you ask? 

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They have things to do, nothing romantic, but are busy with life. They use cannabis to alleviate stress, anxiety, manage pain, and even gain energy. They seek healthy and mindful activities to do once they are stoned. No judgement here for the binge-watching TV type of nights, those are needed, too. But you may find these activities can be more rewarding. It’s all about balance. 

Here are ten healthy, productive things to do while high at home. 

1. Yoga 

Yoga and weed? Self-care 101. There’s a reason for all the cannabis-themed yoga classes gaining popularity in legal states. Yoga is a beautiful activity to pair with weed because it is centered on breathwork. An uplifting edible or a few tokes off of a joint before your yoga session can help you find awareness of breath and bring you into your body. For a fun, zippy, energized feeling, I would recommend a Sativa strain like Pineapple. Lean into the body-intelligence, take a few hits, a big drink of water and enjoy your flow. Reward yourself with the rest of the joint post-session as you lie in savasana. 

2. Discover Your Old Records

It’s a Saturday. You’ve got a nice warm, stoney mood on the horizon. What to do? A great use of a cannabis high is to direct your energy in search of some hidden gem. If you’re a music fan like I am, a trip to the local record store, antique shop or thrift shop is ideal. Get lost in the aisles of interesting knick-knacks, or simply beeline it to the stacks of records. Your attention to detail will be heightened if you smoke a mellow, chill hybrid like giggly Jilly Bean. The quest is the fun part. Adding a rare Lou Reed deep cut to your vinyl collection? A perfect day. 

Stoned + Toned workout videos are an inspiration. (Photo by courtesy Imad Bolotok/Stoned + Toned)

3. Exercise

Cannabis can be a healthy part of your workout ritual. It comes easier than you might think. “You'll never find me working out without smoking or popping a low dose edible beforehand,” says cannabis workout guru and Stoned + Toned Founder and CEO Morgan English. “Not only does it help ease inflammation or pain I may have, but more importantly, it brings me to the moment.” The elusive “zone” is something you can tap into with cannabis. Your heart will thank you for its increase of blood flow, pumping oxygen to your sweet limbs.

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“Everyone should be health-conscious in their own way; and for me, cannabis helps with that,” English says about her own exercise ritual. “Cannabis keeps me motivated and happy during workouts, which then fuels me in a different way for the rest of the day.” An energetic Sativa like Golden Goat will inspire you to get those running shoes on. Start with a small microdose, as low as 3-5 milligrams, then see how you feel about 20 minutes in. Good music is a must. 

4. Peruse Your Bookshelf

If you’re a literary nerd, what are the two best scents on earth? Super potent, skunky weed and the pages of a freshly-opened book, in that order. Getting high and then perusing your bookshelf is a fun way to put your brilliant, philosophical stoned mind to work. In Los Angeles, California, the bookstore population has dwindled but there are still some gems like Stories or downtown’s legendary The Last Bookstore. Indulge post-quarantine by wandering its aisles on the high of a sweet hybrid like Tangerine Dream. Become the Hemingway of weed. 

I am no Van Gogh, but it sure is calming to paint while high. (Photo by Lindsey Bartlett/Green Entrepreneur)

5. Paint

When is the last time you put brush to canvas? I can’t laud the therapeutic benefits of painting enough. The movement of the brush stroke stimulates the senses. It doesn’t matter what you paint, the act itself is divine. One of my favorite methods to paint is in watercolor. On a cheap watercolor paper book, I like to create calligraphy. Think of your favorite song lyrics or musings, funny lines, quotes, and start painting. A joint of the euphoric strain Headband in one hand, paint brush in the other, is always a good idea. Painting classes have become virtual across the country, like Puff, Pass, & Paint, where you can flex your creative muscles with an online live class. 

6. Mindfully Meditate

One amazing thing about cannabis is its ability to pull you into the present moment. Use weed to aid in your meditative practice. Meditation helps to create a home within your mind, a place to go back to. My mediation practice protects me from feeling more unnerving perhaps existential mental thought patterns like anxiety, allowing me to take a step back. I recommend a guided meditation to get you started (tons can be found on YouTube) and most will gift you with a mantra or saying to repeat. Mantras I always come back to are: “inhale love, exhale hate,“ and, “om.” All you need is yourself, a comfortable seated position, and a cannabis strain that can help you drop into your body and become the conscious observer. I would recommend an Indica-heavy, sour strain like Larry OG. Once you are able to see each passing thought as a little sugar leaf floating by on a river, then you’re there. 

Potting plants or digging deep in your garden are great elevated activities. (Photo by Lindsey Bartlett/Green Entrepreneur)

7. Garden or Pot Plants

Grounding means getting our hands dirty. As a pothead plant mom, nothing makes me happier than repotting, planting or gardening outdoors, depending on the season. Making space for new green friends while high is peaceful. Try finding new succulents to place in creative, unique planters. Potting is made even better with a pinene-heavy Indica like the citrusy sweet and calming King Louis XIII. If edibles are more your speed, I recommend an Indica-dominant edible that eases you in with 10 milligrams. Its slow and long release over the course of a few hours will be sure to help you dig deep to the roots. 

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8. Clean/Reorganize Your Life

Marie Kondo would be proud. One really practical thing to do while high at home is to clean and reorganize your life. If there is clutter on the floor, there is clutter in the mind. It is not a romantic but a necessary act that also calms your senses. If your windows are foggy and water-stained, clean them and you’ll be literally and figuratively seeing more clearly. Plus it makes you feel like you have accomplished something positive, even if it’s as simple as the dishes. Blast music, burn sage and a joint of an energetic, airy Sativa like Sour Diesel to reset the space. Cleanliness is close to godliness. 

A joint on the beach is one of the most supreme pleasures of life. Plus, you get a workout from walking on the sand. (Photo by Lindsey Bartlett/Green Entrepreneur)

9. Retreat Into Nature

The original “nature walk” meant going out on a hike into the wild unknown and smoking a bowl with a view. While observing social distancing, take a walk or intermediate trail hike, 2 or 3 miles, with a lush, scenic view at the summit. One would be wise to enjoy this view with some cannabis (legally). For a pain-relieving but cerebral high, go for a balanced hybrid like Sunset Sherbert. It’ll serve as a nice reward once you reach the peak. Even better, it makes going down a bit easier on your knees and potentially sore feet. Be mindful of anything combustible in the great outdoors and bring a closable glass bottle to use as an ashtray. Do not leave a trace. Also, mind the laws and make sure it’s legal to consume in your state and parks. Leading in this example is Canada, where all national parks allow cannabis consumption. Keep in mind the local rules and regulations during stay-at-home measures (safety first), or start making a list of beautiful, isolated nature hikes to-do once parks reopen in the coming months.

10. Cook 

Another simple yet potent grounding ritual, cooking is a key stoned activity because it connects you to your nourishment. Carefully slicing veggies after a long day and a nice toke reminds me that I’m human. Cannabis strains like the creative, talkative Cinderella 99 help to elevate an act so mundane. We eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, of course, but the goal is to find enlightenment in minimalist tasks. If safe, secure and clear of all potential fire hazards, it’s surprisingly fun and calming. Its simplicity reminds me of the Buddhist saying: “Before enlightenment, chop wood carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood carry water.”