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3 Hottest Cannabis Trends in California

These industry crazes have the West Coast buzzing. Can the rest of the legal world be far behind?

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The Golden State is the political and cultural epicenter of the legal cannabis movement.

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Though it wasn’t the first state to legalize adult use (Colorado holds that distinction), it’s Cali that leads the way in terms of revenue and overall size of the market. In fact, California is the biggest legal cannabis market in the world -- larger than entire countries such as Canada and Uruguay, combined. The current trends that are expanding east and internationally, like chic edibles and instantly potent vaporizer pen kits, all started on the left coast.

 Here are the three West Coast trends influencing the cannabis world today.

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1. Craft and Small-Batch Products

Farm-to-table isn’t just a food trend. Whether for health, quality or ethical reasons, people want to smoke farm-fresh cannabis, too.

More and more consumers desire a tangible connection with the cannabis flower and care about small farm values such as sustainability, craftsmanship, organic principles and hands-on cultivation techniques -- ideally, using plenty of real California sun and soil.

These brands will build in value over time as the trend continues to shift toward all-natural foods and cannabis.

2. Luxury Lifestyle

In contrast to the bespoke “craft cannabis” movement, are brand names that exploded onto the scene with unique and expensive items that score big points in the style department. These products are meant for, and in fact, often created by, the upper echelon of cannabis consumers.

Hollywood and Silicon Valley types may not frequent the popular storefront dispensaries, but luckily, home delivery is legal in California and perfect for those who wish to make their cannabis purchases incognito.

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3. Beachy Branding

Artistic elements like palm trees, surfboards, driftwood, and bright pastels have always screamed “California” -- now these aesthetics are dominating the cannabis industry.

Brands are embodying the beach and surf culture in order to become synonymous with the West Coast mentality. Caliva’s palm tree-clad packages dominate the Bay area and much of southern California. Walking into its dispensary home base in San Jose feels much like entering a surf shop. Cold fizzy drinks are also a big hit year-round with the California crowd, like the fruity, low-calorie natural beverages from Mood33, and California Dreamin' low-dose sodas.

Not every California resident has access to the ocean, but with these products, they can easily feel the vibe.

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