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Cannabis and Sex: CBD Lube Promises To Enhance Life In The Bedroom

In a survey of those who have tried CBD lube, 68 percent said it improved their sex life. 

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The explosion in popularity of CBD has led to its use in everything from lotion to wellness water. It seemed only a matter time before it found its way into your bedroom.

Foria Wellness
Awaken CBD intimacy oil from Foria Wellness is one product on the market.

CBD lube is now officially a thing, at least among those who are a) searching for lube and b) open to trying CBD. Entrepreneurs are counting on that being a lot of people. But they also remain aware of the usual barriers when it comes to products that mix cannabis and romance.

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Kiana Reeves, Foria's Chief Education Officer,  told Well + Good that “sexual wellness is the last frontier in the wellness industry. We take our food, sleep, exercise, and supplements very seriously, but when it comes to sex, there is still a lot of misinformation and shame.”

That’s ridiculous in 2020. Here’s some information about the “what” and “why” of CBD for sex, without a hint of shaming.

What Is CBD Lube?

For the “too shy to ask” crowd, sex lubricant is used to make sex more enjoyable. For women, it also reduces the risk of vaginal tearing. Unfortunately, many women feel reluctant to use lube because it might signal negative, false stigmas like age or a lack of desire for their sex partner in a heterosexual relationship.

But women are the first to tell you that is not (always) the case. In fact, about 70 percent of 2,453 women surveyed by Indiana University said that using lube makes sex more fun and enjoyable.

In a survey of those who have tried CBD lube, 68 percent said it improved their sex life. 

As for cannabis, its relationship to an improved sex life is well documented. For example, a 2017 study from Stanford University found that women who used cannabis had 20% more sex than women who did not use cannabis. 

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It’s important to note that CBD is one of the cannabinoids found in cannabis, but it’s not the one that makes you feel high (that’s THC). CBD is a wellness product associated with reducing inflammation and managing pain. That said, some CBD lubes contain ingredients that may not interact well with you, so make sure to read the label and ask a doctor if you're unsure.

Why Use CBD Lube?

The “why” of CBD lube is straightforward. CBD can lower inflammation, increase blood flow, and relax muscles. All this leads to better, longer, and more intense orgasms for women, according to experts. It also can increase arousal and make people more receptive to touch.

Most experts or those who use CBD lube (often the same people) warn that people don’t just want to use any CBD oil or lotion, as they might contain chemicals and artificial scents that will not react well with more sensitive areas of the body. You want the product made especially as a sex lubricant.

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Foria, which is considered a longtime leader in intimate CBD products, is launching an educational campaign to help people understand the benefits of CBD lube for enhancing their sex life. It’s an area of the cannabis marketplace that remains relatively unexplored. The company also partnered with Harvard medical school researcher Staci Gruber, Ph.D., to do the largest study on its products for women and menstrual cramps. 

If CBD lube is as effective as the research indicates, entrepreneurs can expect more products to arrive in the marketplace soon.

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