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Fuhgettaboutit! New Jersey Legalizes Weed

The Garden State votes to open up its gardens to adult-use marijuana.

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The voters of New Jersey have spoken. Recreational marijuana will be legal in their state. 

Barry Winiker | Getty Images

The question New Jersey voters were asked to approve called for a 6.625 percent state tax on marijuana sales to customers 21 or older, and permitted municipalities to charge an extra 2 percent tax. 

Early results showed more than a 2 to 1 lead for "yes" votes. 

New Jersey now joins 11 other states across the US that have legalized adult-use cannabis. 

“This is a great day for New Jersey. After years of political inaction, voters have definitively approved marijuana legalization,” Steve Hawkins, executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project, said in a statement.

“The passage of this ballot measure positions New Jersey to take the lead in the Northeast and will push neighboring states, like New York and Pennsylvania, to take action on marijuana legalization. This is a victory for social justice given that Black residents of New Jersey are 3.5 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana than white residents despite similar usage rates.”