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Here Are 9 Weed Products Millennials Can Actually Afford

From rolling papers to lip balms, here are high-quality cannabis products without the high price tag.

This story originally appeared on Weedmaps

Millennials are some of weed's most loyal consumers. A 2019 survey found that millennials are more likely to smoke cannabis than cigarettes and the alcohol industry continues to worry about drinkers becoming weed consumers

But millennials are a fickle bunch. As a generation that grew up in the digital age, their access to technology that provides instant product information, reviews, and price comparisons along with strong affinities for wellness, healthy habits, and brands that can maximize convenience with low costs and high style have influenced their purchasing habits in ways that are specific to them. 

So, it makes sense that cannabis companies are catering to millennials with affordable, stylish, and vibey products. Here are some cannabis products that give off millennial vibes. 

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Courtesy of Old Pal
Sharing is caring, and Old Pal makes half-ounce (14 grams) packets of pre-ground indica, sativa, or hybrid flowers with rolling papers included. Look for its distinctive old-timey label.

1. Old Pal Classic Shareable Flower - $50

Broke millennials need not deprive themselves of a good high: Old Pal's products are refreshingly affordable. These packs come in indica, sativa, or hybrid, and if you need rolling papers with them, Old Pal's half-ounce (14 grams) resealable pack comes with them -- and the weed is already ground. It's an essential on-the-go product for the joint lovers, everything you need is right there ready to go. 

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Courtesy of Binske
Binske's vape pens are disposable, but it's tempting to keep them after their live resin oils have been spent for their intricate artwork.

2. Binske Disposable Vape Pen - $55

Binkse's disposable vape pens featuring beautiful artwork depicting tigers, butterflies, and other captivating creatures make vape breaks feel sophisticated and luxurious despite their reasonable price. They come charged and filled with 250 puffs of live resin in flavors including mango and lemon. Binske shared recent certificates of analysis that showed full breakdowns of cannabinoid and terpene content and passes for solvents, microbials, mycotoxins, and heavy metals. 

Courtesy of Nuvata
Nuvata's vape pens mimic the rainbow, with each color corresponding to a flavor profile and suggested effect.

3. Nuvata Mind Body Series Disposable Vape Pens - $50

If you're more into solid colors, you can collect these for a vape pen rainbow. Each color has its own terpene blend, ranging from Full Mind to Full Body, and each comes with a unique flavor. The half-gram of cannabis oil in the pens has high THC and cannabidiol (CBD) levels that complement it. Nuvata shared recent certificates of analysis that showed full breakdowns of cannabinoid content and passes for solvents, residuals, pesticides, heavy metals, and foreign materials. 

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Courtesy of TribeTokes
Form and function combine in one attractive package. TribeTokes The Phoenix Quartz Crystal Pipe comes in rose gold and allows for a smoke sesh without the need to burn rolling papers or cigar wraps.

4. TribeTokes' The Phoenix Quartz Crystal Pipe - $40

If you're obsessed with all things rose gold -- or plain old gold, if you prefer -- this glass pipe will let you light up with style. It also provides an environmentally friendly alternative to rolling papers or cigar wrap

Courtesy of Elixinol
Heal dry, chapped lips with Elixinol's Smooch lip balm, made with hemp seed oil, shea butter, rice oil, and vanilla extract.

5. Sativa by Elixinol Smooch Lip Balm - $8.99

If you love cannabis so much you just want to kiss it, you can now do that thanks to this product created to treat dry and cracked lips. Shea butter, hemp seed oil, rice oils, and vanilla extract blend to leave your lips feeling soft and pampered.

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Courtesy of Binske
If you're drawn to the lush artwork of Binske's disposable vape pens, its cannabis-extract-infused chocolates are a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

6. Binske Infused Chocolate - $25-$35

Binske's distinctive designs combine dark chocolate and cannabis extract for a treat that will calm you, energize you, and boost your mood all at once. It comes in four delicious flavors: Peruvian Nacional 68 percent Cacao, Peruvian Nacional 47 percent Cacao with Raspberries Peruvian Nacional 68 percent Cacao with Sea Salt, Honduran Oro Maya Cacao 75 percent with Sea Salt, and Peruvian Nacional 47 percent Dark Milk with Hazelnuts.

Courtesy of Extract Labs
Extract Labs makes hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) tinctures in fruity and dessertlike flavors such as raspberry, bananas Foster, and mango.

7. Extract Labs CBD Tincture - $30-$160

With yummy flavors such as  mango and bananas Foster, this CBD oil is practically a dessert -- except instead of giving you a sugar rush, it'll help you wind down before bedtime. The colorful little bottles will also look cute on your kitchen counter or bedside table. These tinctures are full-spectrum hemp oil with other small amounts of other cannabinoids such as THC and cannabichromene (CBC), according to a recent certificate of analysis

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8. Hay Tray - $15

Feel classy AF with this ashtray that comes in gold, silver, or a dazzling rainbow pattern. As a bonus, it can also be used to hold other small belongings.


9. Elevate Joint Tip Kit - $18

These joint tips, which come in walnut or maple wood, add personality to your joint and make it easier to share. The kit comes with a tip, three pre-rolled cones, and a doob tube case -- everything you need for the perfect joint. 

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