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Here's How To Safely Disinfect Cannabis Packaging

Cannabis dispensaries are offering delivery and curbside pickup. Here's how you can take the necessary precautions when purchasing products.

This story originally appeared on The Fresh Toast

The coronavirus pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives, including the ways in which we handle marijuana. Now that some states have qualified dispensaries as essential businesses, these establishments have found ways of distributing their products to customers through curbside pickup and delivery, all while ensuring that their sanitary measures are up to date and that the products they’re handing out are in the best possible condition.

Iryna Veklich | Getty Images via The Fresh Toast

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Safety measures for shopping, whether you’re visiting a grocery store or a dispensary remain the same. Government guidelines suggest people wear a mask, keep a 6-foot distance, and minimize the amount of items you touch (including your face). When it comes to the package of marijuana, how do you safely disinfect it?

Dispensary employees handling your marijuana should be healthy and wearing protective gear, such as gloves and face masks. While someone who’s carrying the virus and is asymptomatic may have interacted with the package and left the virus there, it’s very unlikely for you to catch it. Although the odds are in your favor, experts have said that remnants of the coronavirus can live up to two days depending on the material of the package.

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Image Credit: LPETTET | Getty Images via The Fresh Toast

For some peace of mind, you could follow other safety measures when purchasing groceries and receiving packages through the mail. Disinfect the outer package only with a strong disinfectant and wash your hands before and after interacting with it. Don’t wash it with soap and water since you might damage the product inside.

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Since marijuana doesn’t expire, you could also let the product sit in a safe space with a cool temperature for a couple of days and wait for any viruses to die off naturally. Avoid mixing different disinfectants to prohibit any adverse reactions and, when in doubt, wash your hands.