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Here's Some Smokeless Weed Options To Consider During The Pandemic

With COVID-19 attacking the respiratory system, some marijuana users are looking for alternatives to the usual joint. We offer some options.

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We know that COVID-19 attacks the respiratory system and is more dangerous for people with additional health issues. But what you may not know is that medical experts are advising that people refrain from smoking as a prevention method.

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Has there been any change in your consumption? Are you smoking less or more? Have you stopped altogether? Have you used other methods such as using edibles and tinctures during this time? We’ve highlighted several emerging brands in the industry that are making smokeless cannabis products as a alternative for your enjoyment.

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ALT (Advanced Liquid Technology) is one of the few premium liquid- soluble cannabis product in the market. Using their pharmaceutical-grade technology, ALT has created a pure THC liquid that is clear, flavorless, odorless, discreet, convenient, all-natural and fast-acting. ALT can be added to enhance any beverage and delivers a consistent cannabis experience to the consumer.

ALT allows users to safely and easily integrate cannabis into their daily routine, whether microdosing a morning coffee, mixing with sparkling water over lunch, or enhancing a cocktail to wind down at the end of the day. The vials were designed for single or multi-use, depending on the experience you want to have. The easy-to-use, pre-measured markings on the sides of the vials ensure targeted, precision dosing control, making it straightforward for the consumer to know exactly how many milligrams of THC or CBD they are getting per ml of liquid.

ALT’s liquid delivery method allows for faster onset and offset through the salivary glands, before traveling through the digestive track. Using nanotechnology, the particle size of cannabis is decreased, leading to faster and more effective absorption into the body. The initial onset time is between 5-15 minutes on average, a very appealing advantage over most beverage or edible experiences, which can take up to an hour or more to take effect.

Kin Slips

Kin Slips was founded by a passionate group of entrepreneurs hell-bent on reimagining cannabis and developing the most efficient products they desired. Their commitment to providing an alternative cannabis consumption experience began with their sublingual strips — a infused product that is discreet and all-natural, and provide health and wellness conscious consumers with a consistent, smoke-free cannabis experience.

Kin Slips Sublingual Strips dissolve under the tongue to deliver a precise dose of CBD or THC. Unlike traditional edibles, Kin Slips absorb directly into the bloodstream and bypass the digestive system, enabling an onset of about 15 minutes and are available in standard dose (10MG) and microdose (5MG) formulas, which allow consumers easy control over their preferred experience that’s tailored by the different variations they offer; Creativity and Focus, Comfort and Relief and Sleep and Serenity.

Beyond the quality of the product, Kin Slips intends to inspire trust in the science and benefits of cannabis through meaningful conversations and education at the community level. In February 2020, Kin Slips released a new single strip so consumers have the change to try out product at a lower price point before committing to purchasing a entire pack, making it a great entry point for those new to cannabis and for medical experts to prescribe samples to their patients.

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Take a bite into Mello’s non-GMO, kosher, gluten-free, and all-natural Sea Salted Caramels. These individually wrapped sweet treats provide 15mg of active, Full-Spectrum CBD in each piece, allowing users to get their desired dose in the most delicious way possible. Perfect for combating daily stress, anxiety, insomnia, and dips in mood, Mello’s cosmic caramels provide the mind and body healing power of CBD without the haze of THC. Mello caramels are made with water-soluble CBD, so it will hit your bloodstream faster than normal edibles. Users typically feel effects within 15-30 minutes.

Canna River

Canna River CBD launched in October 2019 with a mission to stop the madness. Their products – full and broad spectrum tinctures for human and pet, gel capsules, body lotion, cooling and warming balm, flower, and pre-rolls – are entering the market to offer premium CBD to the masses at an affordable cost. While premium CBD brands are charging double the price for half the quantity and a fraction of potency, Canna River offers the same premium product while granting accessibility and enabling consistency for those looking to maintain a better quality of life through CBD relief. ‘It’s no secret that the greatest CBD benefits are reaped when consumers are able to buy the product on a regular and ongoing basis,’ says Canna River founder Grant Boatman. ‘I’m all in. I want to make premium CBD more affordable from every side: as a supplier, manufacturer and retailer. If more people can get the support they need without breaking the bank, I’ll consider this a success.’

Canna River has some of the most affordable products we’ve seen in the CBD market and excited to have them in our MARY Marketplace. Their range of full and broad spectrum tinctures are offered in 1000mg, 2500mg, 5000mg across 9 flavors, pet tinctures in chicken + bacon, gel capsules available in both full and broad spectrum. Everything under $100.

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Prismatic Plants

Launching with two complementary tincture formulas, ​Good Day ​and ​Good Night​, that blend adaptogenic herbs, medicinal mushrooms, and powerful cannabinoids. Each plant in these formulas was specifically chosen based on science-backed research to prove the plant’s prowess in tackling stress-based illness.

Designed as a Yin/Yang set, each formula works to complement the other. ​Good Day​ is formulated to keep you cool, calm and collected throughout the day, and includes Schisandra, Bacopa, Rhodiola, White Asian Ginseng and Holy Basil along with CBD and CBDa (a non-psychoactive cannabinoid which research is beginning to show impressive anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits). Immediate effects leave you calm but alert with a reduction in anxious feelings. Long-term effects include better mood, less stress, stronger immunity, improved focus, and a reduced need for caffeine.

The​ Good Night​ formula is designed to promote deep, revitalizing sleep. It achieves this with an exceptional set of sedative plants that don’t leave you feeling drowsy in the morning while working in tandem to boost immunity during the body’s repair mode which happens during sleep. Reishi mushrooms, Oatstraw, Ashwagandha, Valerian, California Poppy, and Skullcap work cooperatively with CBD and CBN (a sedative cannabinoid to induce a deep, sound sleep). Long term effects include a return to our natural circadian rhythm, enhanced immunity, better mood, and more energy throughout the day.