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Master P Wants 5/20 To Be a National Holiday

The hip hop legend advocates for "Cannabis Freedom Day"

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In 2008, a Louisiana man named Fate Vincent Winslow was sentenced to life in prison for selling $20 worth of marijuana to an undercover cop. Thanks to advocacy from Project New Orleans activists, Vincent was released early in December 2020. But just last week, he was shot head while sitting in his car. He was 53 years old. 

The tragic case has caught the attention of Louisiana native Percy "Master P" Miller, a hip hop mogul, actor, and former NBA player who founded the iconic label No Limit Records in the 90s. Master P is currently CMO of The Ice Cream Shop. 

In a conversation with, he said: 

“We have to make sure that this injustice doesn’t happen to more people. We need to increase awareness, help educate our culture and help prepare the imprisoned for freedom,” Master P said. “Anyone who is incarcerated for a small amount of cannabis and is fighting this injustice still, we want to help them gain their freedom back.”

Master P says the situation is more exasperating considering how widespread legalization is in the U.S.

“As of 2021, 34 states have decriminalized cannabis, eliminating the risk of jail time for possession of small amounts. In states where cannabis is still illegal, a person arrested for cannabis can end up with a permanent criminal record, which can strip them of various essential opportunities like employment, housing, financial aid, and even child custody.”

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Celebrating 5/20

The term "5/20" is used to describe exotic marijuana, but Master P also wants it to use the day to celebrate the release of prisoners from jail and to draw attention to the injustice of criminal conviction for minor cannabis offenses. 

“We are doing this for people in these states that’s still incarcerated for marijuana,” P said. “And then we’re celebrating by making 5/20 another holiday."

He also wants to use the occasion to celebrate fellow rapper Busta Rhymes. “May 20th is also Busta Rhymes’ birthday so we gonna do some things together too.”

Master P told AllHipHop that he would release a documentary next year called “5.20 Cannabis Freedom Day.”