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Mila Kunis Has a New Weed-Theme Show Called 'Stoner Cats

But in order to watch the show, you need to own a Stoner Cats NFT.

This story originally appeared on El Planteo

Mila Kunis, the popular actress best known for her role as Jackie on “That 70's Show” and Meg Griffin on “Family Guy,” will produce and lend her voice to Stoner Cats, an animated series for adults that tells the story of five cats who... yes, smoke pot.

And that's not the most curious part of the project: In order to watch Stoner Cats, you need to own a Stoner Cats TOKEN. That is, to buy a collectible NFT.

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The adult cartoon, created by animators Chris Cartagena, Sarah Cole and Ash Brannon, immediately caught the attention of star Mila Kunis and her production company Orchard Farm Productions.

The kittens are voiced by stars like Chris Rock, Ashton Kutcher, Seth McFarlane and, obviously, Kunis.

Plus, the mom of the smoking kitties is none other than the fabulous Jane Fonda.

Another colorful fact: one of the cats is voiced by Vitalik Buterin, the Russian programmer who founded Ethereum.

Each episode is between 5 and 7 minutes long and its creators said they plan to produce more than one season.


About Stoner Cats and NFTs

Let's get down to basics: what exactly is an NFT? According to Ámbito Financiero, an NFT (non-fungible Token) is a digital asset stored in blockchain technology that cannot be easily exchanged, since it is associated with a certificate of authenticity.

NFT transactions have been growing exponentially in recent times, allowing users to own digital assets such as works of art, real estate and even video moments.

The Stoner Cats NFT auction managed to sell all 10,420 available non-fungible tokens in 35 minutes. Thus, the project raised $8.3 million!

Meanwhile, as Entrepreneur reported, the pressure to gain access to the show unleashed chaos on the Ethereum Blockchain network, raising transaction fees from $9.5 to $35. Consequently, several users lost large amounts of money and were left without a subscription.

But... What led Kunis to get into the NFT world?

When Conan O'Brian asked Kunis how and why she made the leap into the crypto and NFT world, she responded with a feminist approach.

"In quarantine some people started baking, or knitting, and I jumped headfirst into crypto and NFTs. And I'll tell you why: it was because it made me nervous and I felt it was a very masculine area. All the people I knew who knew anything about it at the time were always men and I was like, ‘It can't be that hard!’

We were in a pandemic, so I immersed myself in it, surrounded myself with two incredibly smart women who know all about it, and educated myself about it [...] I felt empowered and I was like 'well, this is fun, what's next?"

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