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More Proof That Cannabis Users Aren't Lazy and Unmotivated

New study says the stereotype is outdated, most are educated, motivated, and health-conscious.

This story originally appeared on Leafreport

A recent study of 5,000 participants in the United States and Canada has overturned long-held stereotypes regarding those who use cannabis.

The study, which was conducted by cannabis technology company Dutchie, sought to offer an updated understanding and depiction of the modern cannabis user. Contrary to stereotypical ideas, the findings suggested that today’s cannabis consumers are successful, employed, health-conscious individuals.

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The survey says...

According to the results, cannabis users are highly educated and engaged in the workforce, with 54% of participants in the study currently working full-time. In contrast, among those who had never tried cannabis, only 32% were employed in full-time work. Cannabis users surveyed also indicated they preferred to source their cannabis through legal, safe, and convenient means. For example, 55% of respondents looked to dispensaries for that experience, while twenty-four percent preferred to shop online.

The study suggests that the notion of cannabis users as couch potatoes is unfounded. 58% of the cannabis users surveyed reported that they were physically active, engaging in practices such as hiking and sports. In addition, 57% of cannabis users shared that they cared about their health. Participants also revealed that they felt cannabis was better for their health than alcohol or tobacco, which influenced their decision to incorporate the plant into their overall wellness regimen.

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Mostly Gen Xers

The study also divulged that females aged 45-54 and males aged 35-44 were among the heaviest cannabis users. Cannabis users were also predominantly female. Such findings echo emerging research that indicates that women increasingly rely on the plant to relieve menstrual pain, sleep, or stress.

Commentators have pointed out that the data depicts a more nuanced picture of the modern cannabis consumer, which may help to normalize and destigmatize cannabis use as legalization becomes increasingly mainstream.