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The 12 Weirdest CBD Products

Are these products signs that the CBD craze has gone too far?

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If it seems like CBD is everywhere you look, it is because it is. With entrepreneurs looking to get in early on the popular trend, CBD has become all the rage in a still unknown industry, allowing businesses to experiment with a variety of different topicals, edibles and other products that promise well-being for consumers.

But not every CBD product is created equal. For every 10mg CBD gummy out there, there is a CBD snack like smoothies or potato chips, or, even wilder, toothpicks and toilet paper.

Like a growing infant, CBD is still young and curious. And because there are still so many things to figure out about CBD products and the future of the industry, brands will seemingly produce nearly anything that they think consumers want and need -- and we found 12 of the wildest CBD products that might just pique your interest.

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1. CBD Hair Pomade (Malin+Goetz)

Looking for fuller, more naturally-looking hair? Then Malin+Goetz's CBD hair pomade may be the best option to try out. Why? Made with natural omega fatty acids, that includes Meadowfoam extract -- a source of three long-chain fatty acids -- the product can stimulate hair growth to produce thicker, coarser hair.

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2. CBD Toothpicks (Ignite)

Available in six flavors -- menthol, cinnamint, mango mint, lemongrass, passion fruit and coffee -- Ignite's CBD toothpicks are not just designed to help get all that extra gunk out of your teeth, but, instead, hopefully add a little gum relief, too.

Thanks to the active cannabidiols, when chewed, each toothpick allows immediate absorption into the bloodstream, giving effects that can be felt throughout the entire body. Made from North American Birchwood that’s harvested fresh quarterly, these all-natural toothpicks promise relief from tooth pain, while providing a relaxing feeling.


3. CBD Facemasks (Joy)

Many CBD products promise instant relief from pain and, at times, anxiety. Thanks to Joy's CBD facemasks, users can experience similar effects, while also renewing skin with the nourishing benefits of hemp extract. Sounds pretty interesting, right?

Infused with phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil and supporting extracts like black licorice and rosemary, Joy's CBD facemasks help combat aging from pollution and stress, leaving skin look more invigorating.

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4. CBD Lube and Suppositories (Foria)

Foria prides itself on being the world's "best intimacy, relief & sexual wellness products," and the brand's lube and suppositories are just two products worth experimenting with.

Suppositories are designed to help ease tension and elevate erotic enjoyment by using the soothing and activating effects of broad-spectrum hemp extract. Using 50mg of active CBD per suppository (four per package), users can elevate sensual pleasure and arousal in the bedroom; whether solo or with a partner.


5. CBD Potato Chips (Jay's by Earthshine Organics)

For all those snackers out there, it's time to ditch those old potato chips for Jay's CBD potato chips by Earthshine Organics, which are made with Strain Specific Hemp Plants. With each chip infused with pure Cannabidiol and containing 100mg, 200mg or 300mg of CBD per serving, the salty treats will satsify hunger, while also bring a relaxation feeling. It might be best to enjoy solo, rather than bringing to a tailgate; just to be safe.

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Felix & Ambrosia

6. CBD Hand Sanitizer (Felix & Ambrosia)

It is time to ditch the generic hand sanitizer grandma gave you and upgrade to a more adult version of the stuff. With Felix & Ambrosia’s ‘Bugger Off’, users can sanitize hands and protect themselves from germs, while also getting a little added relaxtion benefit, too.

Available in 1-oz bottles -- which contain 28g of CBD in each — use this hand sanitizer to help stay healthy during any season.


7. CBD Chew (Cannadips)

Available in three different flavors -- natural mint, full American and tangy citrus -- Cannadips uses a patent-pending blend that features fast-acting, water soluble CBD formulas to provide immediate relief from mouth pain. Given about 15 minutes, a single pouch can help stave off nicotine cravings or help with pain, thanks to the 10mg of CBD in each.

Similiar to tobacco chew, simply place a Cannadip between your cheek and gum, swallow saliva and keep the pouch in the mouth for anywhere between 15 minutes to two hours for the full effect.

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9. CBD Smoothies (Fuel)

Is anyone really surprised that CBD smoothies exist? Probably not, because young people often look for a variety of ways to mix all the good things they enjoy into one simple product.

Thanks to Fuel, a Philadelphia-area restaurant which was recognized as the 2018 Winner Philly Style Best Healthy Restaurant, customers can get a variety of different CBD-flavored smoothies. Offering three types -- CBD Berry Dream, CBD Green Dream and CBD Orange Dream -- each drink contains just .5ml CBD Oil, which is then mixed with other fruits and ingredients.

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8. Hemp Toilet Paper (Hempies)

Hempies' 100 percent "feel-good-super sustainable tree-free" toilet paper is made from both Hemp and "other good stuff," meaning it is soft and more environmentally friendly than any other type of toilet paper. With renewable hemp cellulose fibers mixed into the tissue itself, CBD toilet paper is an all-natural alternative to treat your bum a little bit better.


10. CBD Toothpaste (Oraximax by AXIM Biotechnologies)

Add a little extra green to your minty fresh toothpaste with AXIM Biotechnologies' Oraximax, a CBD toothpaste that brings added benefits that generic brands cannot compete with.

Oraximax has the typical cleaning and tooth decay prevention qualities, but, thanks to the Cannabinoid, this toothpaste can help with both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, assisting with both gingivitis or chronic pain. As an added benefit, CBD toothpaste may help restore any damage to teeth due to cavities, so it may be worth talking to a dentist about trying.

Acabada Active

11. CBD-Infused Workout Gear (Acabada Active)

Yoga classes just got a lot more relaxing and less painful, ladies, because CBD-infused workout gear is officially here. For those interested, introduce yourselves to Acabada Active, the first athletic brand using the power of hemp to infuse athletic wear.

Ranging from 5g to 25g of CBD depending on the product, Acabada Active creates high-end active wear like sports bras, leggings and bike shorts for women to feel the magic of CBD from the moment she is dressed until her toughest workout ends.

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Royal Heritage Home

12. CBD-Infused Bed Sheets (Royal Heritage Home)

Considering CBD is recognized to combat insomnia, stress and relieve acute pain conditions, a brand called Royal Heritage Home has released its CBD-infused bed sheets and pet beds, hoping to give users a better sleep each night.

The bed sheets are made from an organic cotton, 200-count percale sheet that is available in 12 colors, while the pet bed is a polyester-filled dog and cat option with removable CBD infused covers. So for those who can't quite sleep well each night, this might be an option worth exploring.