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The Most Conservative Sport Has the Most Weed-Smoking Fans

Come game day, they light up like they're at a Phish concert.

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If you’re looking to market your cannabis products to sports fans, you might want to know the consumer demographics in Georgia and Maryland. And surprisingly, you might not get as much traction in liberal bastions like Massachusetts and Minnesota.

A recent survey looked at the consumption of marijuana and alcohol as reported by fans of specific leagues and teams. NFL fans reported the highest consumption of cannabis, with 36 percent of them saying they enjoy cannabis while watching football games. 

That puts them ahead of the league leaders, which has been among the slowest to make changes toward cannabis use by athletes and not long ago made an avowed cannabis fan an outcast in the game

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NFL fans use more cannabis on game day than fans of every other major sport.

NFL fans reported the highest cannabis use while watching games among the four sports considered the “major” sports in the country. However, fans of Esports and MMA/UFC reported higher levels of use. The survey results were as follows.

  • MMA/UFC - 41 percent
  • Esports - 40 percent
  • NFL - 36 percent
  • NBA - 35 percent
  • NHL - 33 percent
  • MLB - 30 percent
  • NCAA - 28 percent

Providing even more insight, the respondents also named their preferred way of consuming cannabis on game day. Smoking a joint still ranked first, at 42 percent. The rest of the list:

  • Bowl - 41 percent
  • Bong - 34 percent
  • Edible - 32 percent
  • One-hitter - 24 percent
  • Tincture - 21 percent
  • Vape pen - 18 percent

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Which teams had the highest number of fans using cannabis?

When it came to individual teams in the NFL, fans of the Atlanta Falcons and Baltimore Ravens had the highest percentage of cannabis users, both at 77 percent. It’s worth noting that cannabis is decriminalized in Maryland but remains illegal in Georgia.

The other teams with the highest cannabis use rate on game day were, in descending order: Jacksonville Jaguars, Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, Indianapolis Colts, Houston Texans, Carolina Panthers, Las Vegas Raiders, and Los Angeles Chargers.

On the other end of the spectrum, the New England Patriots fans used the least cannabis, even though the team plays in a state (Massachusetts) where adult-use marijuana is legal. Other team fan groups who used less cannabis included the Green Bay Packers, Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys, and Minnesota Vikings. surveyed 1,683 fans. Of those, 62.6 percent were male, 37 percent were female, and less than one percent identified as non-binary. Respondents ranged in age from 25 to 75 with an average of 37.

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