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The Top 5 CBD Bath Soaks for Relaxing

Turn your tub into a soothing station.

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The number of CBD users in the U.S. is growing at a rapid pace. An estimated one-third of Americans say they’ve used CBD.

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As more people discover the power and versatility of CBD, more unique products will continue to hit shelves.

One of those products happens to be CBD bath soaks, which offer tranquility and relief in the tub after a long stressful day. Whether you’re looking for muscle recovery, hoping for an all-natural skin moisturizer, or trying to calm your mind, you can replicate a spa-like experience in your own home.

Here are some of our favorite CBD bath soaks on the market right now.

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Offering three aromatic scents — Lemongrass, Muscle Melt, and Rose — 19Forty’s CBD bath soaks pack all-natural, organic ingredients, ensuring the best results.

Those ingredients create the perfect atmosphere for those looking to slow down their day, allowing things like shea butter, sea and Epsom salts, and essential oils to soothe every inch of their body. Breathe in deeply and take in the refreshing aroma to escape all of life’s difficulties— if only for an hour at a time.

Green Entrepreneur

We know running your own company isn’t easy. But it’s important to shut down every once in a while, bringing the constant hustle to a halt.

To help reinvigorate yourself, there’s Green Entrepreneur’s Unwind CBD Bath Soak, which is made for those who need a break from the grind — both mentally and physically.

Available in three scents — Clean Rain, Blackberry Lemonade, and Lemon Green Tea — there’s something for everyone. Plus, bundling two or all three together is an option, and will save you some money at the same time.




Rosebud does CBD bath soaks right, with three different options available. Whether you’re looking to Unwind, become Awaken, or get back on the Mend, this is the brand to turn to.

Each CBD bath soak is vegan and cruelty-free and includes 50mg of full-spectrum CBD. Blended with ingredients such as Epsom salts and other essential oils, these handmade, small-batch products are a perfect addition to your daily routine.

The brand also offers a CBD bath soak set, which provides all three options for those looking to try each one.


Lord Jones

Unlike others on this list Lord Jones’ CBD bath soak comes in a salt form, allowing you to dictate how much or how little you want as you take a break from the day.

Infused with 240mg of the finest Broad Spectrum CBD Extract mixed with a blend of arnica and calendula flowers, and Epsom and Himalayan pink salts, your home replicates that of a nurturing spa. Add in the replenishing notes of evergreen and citrus, and you’ll instantly feel a restored balance both mentally and physically.

Designed to soothe and refresh, Lord Jones’ CBD bath salts provide a welcome reset during or after a hard day’s work.

Lab to Beauty

Purify both your skin and senses with The Transforming Bath Bomb from Lab to Beauty. Providing an “effervescent explosion of pure bliss” anytime you unwind in a bathtub, the powerful combination of CBD with ingredients like Peppermint, Rosemary, and Avocado Oil will enhance your senses and provide anti-inflammatory relief.

All of Lab to Beauty’s products are also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.